it'S MY TAg

This iS MY TAg. You can read the rules of the game here.

“Love is not what you search for and find; It is what you stumble upon and feel”

That’s why it can blossom between two differing personalities, thrive under the worst of conditions, and even stand the test of time. Expectations invariably lead to disappointment, even if the outcome falls short by an inch. But dreams tell a different tale altogether. Either it comes true or one wakes up to reality. And so I keep dreaming about that one special woman in my life. While all my dreams have been splattered across this page in the form of poems, here’s an attempt at consolidating them (in no particular order and not encompassing all).

  1. I dream about dancing together in pouring rain, walking hand in hand in freezing cold, or driving together during odd hours of the night. The one in my dream, is as cranky, and fun loving and adventurous as I am.
  2. I dream about fighting. Not the brutal physical combats. But the chinna chinna verbal sandais for just about everything I opine. The one in my dreams has her own set of ideals, interests and opinions. She does not give in to my arguments. She would concede only to a little romance and a lot of love.
  3. I dream about laying my head on her lap, and sleeping like a baby listening to the lullabies she sings. The one in my dreams sings, and she sings for me. On odd days, when I take the lead, she pretends not to hate it.
  4. I dream about coming back home wanting my own space, or needing a shoulder to cry on. With no words spoken, I get my solitude or the shoulder. The one in my dreams is sensitive and understands me from just the look in my eyes.
  5. I dream about laughing together, pulling each other’s legs, and playing cranks on each other. End of it, there is no hard feelings, just pure unadulterated fun. The one in my dreams is funny and humorous and knows how to turn serious moments light.
  6. I dream about being surprised at seeing the entire home candle lit before dinner, about dancing together to the tunes of dreamy numbers, and about being cuddled in the sofa all night not watching the movie running on TV. The one in my dreams is cupid and an awesome romantic.
  7. I dream about a Somu who is plump, chubby and a lot healthier than he is today. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The one in my dreams is a wonderful cook who knows how to make my mouth water (don’t’ mistake it for jollu). I promise that I would do my due on weekends.
  8. I keep dreaming about a charming and good looking young woman with eyes beaming with peace, a heart brimming with patience and an attitude that totally lacks arrogance. In short, the one in my dreams is a total contrast to what I am today. We complement each other.

Limsa kannu, nee inga varum bothu unakkku irukku ma veyttu. I spent 4 hrs of my vacation writing this.

P.S. When the dream bubble bursts and reality is staring straight into my eyes, I would still be around to write about it.