Be above all that

Not all emotions are easily controllable. There are a few that creep in with so much ease and refuse to get out. Much unlike anger which can either be subdued, or expressed and be done with, these emotions stay in like parasites. They keep gnawing you from inside. They infest your mind with unwanted thoughts. They leave a lump somewhere between your tummy and chest. You want it out, yet you are helpless. 

They overwhelm you and overshadow your best qualities. They keep jutting out keeping your original self at bay. The only way out is to kill the emotion. Kill the underlying thoughts that fuel the emotion. Kill the unwanted feelings that cloud your self. Be in the moment and burn your perceptions. It will be a battle between you and such negativity. If you keep the bigger picture in mind, eventually the better one will emerge victorious. 

Never should you succumb. You are above all that.