The death of my passion

I don't get many message requests (from those that are not in my list) on Facebook. Actually I don't get any. The filtered request folder most times is only empty. But then, I have this secret passion of checking my others folder (not others their folder which though might be really interesting) to see if I have received any message from a stranger. There is always a certain kick in knowing that a complete stranger wants to initiate a conversation with you, no ?

Women understand it better. Naturally. "A/S/L?". "Want to be friendship?". "Want make friends?". "Your home or my home?". And more of these they see daily.

So, on one of those days when I see a new message, you can imagine my excitement. Message in others folder - Check. Message from a total stranger - Check. Hard work pays and my passion was finally bearing fruit. Like the little kid that hits the park after a day long wait, I jump in joy as I click "open". A one liner I see. Awesome. "Good profile pic. You look nice in a saree". WHAT ? Really ? Podaaaaaag.

Thus started my long journey of deleting all couple pics and changing privacy settings in the rest. Message from strangers are ok. Strange messages - Not ok. Passion died.

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