Saturday evening, possibly the most romatic of all evenings of the week and the apt time to go on a date. And that's what she did, managed to sneak out for a movie with her long time boy friend. "Mystic River" was the movie and all she was hoping for was to have a memorable time.

It's been something she has been looking forward to, for she used to incessantly talk about it at work. For the Tom Boy that she is, she even exhibited the knightly quality of chivalry. No wonder she took the pains to book the tickets in advace all by herself. She was bound to leave back to Bangalore that Sunday night and quite naturally she was eagerly looking forward to this movie date with him.

Her obssession on the upcoming movie date, was getting on everyone's nerve, for, her uninterrupted chatter was all the time circling around her boy friend, the tickets she booked, and the movie date.

The day finally arrived. Smartly dressed in her new dress bought for the occasion, she was waiting for him to pick her up to the cinema hall. With pop corns to munch, Pepsi to quench thirst, they were comfortably ensconced in their seats alloted for them. The screen was showing the usual ads that they were used to from their umpteem earlier visits to the same theatre, the place where they apparently met. Thedocumentary film they started to show would have irked them but for the company each had.

Having been waiting for this moment all the week, and now all set to enjoy the movie, she did not expect the intrusion. A gentleman approached her with a pair of tickets indicating they were on the wrong set of seats. For the impulse she had, she could not help firing the guy. If not for her boy friend's presence, she would have picked up a fight. The gentleman backed off politely after she showed him her tickets. Now back to her movie hand in hand with her date.

And there he was again, the same gentleman, seeming a little confused this time. "Mam, these are my seats and that's clearly mentioned in my tickets", he uttered. Determined to prove him wrong, she pulled out her tickets and showed it on his face, managing to stifle a growl. While he was scrutinizing the tickets, she was back on her seat. "Mam", the interruption continued. She scowled, "WHAT" and curbed the "%*&^#$#", attracting the attention of the entire theatre. "These are your seats, right. But the tickets are for tomorrow's show", he said not able to control his laughter. Like a roaring lioness that was tamed into a pussy cat, she walked out embarrassed, avoiding the glare of her boy friend.

Not sure if she talked about her movie date ever after, but am sure she had her time going out for the right date, with the right date on a wrong date.

Nuptial bonds bring in,

A new phase in life,
A fresh journey to voyage,
Adventurous terrains to stride on,
Stimulating challenges to confront,

Interesting problems to resolve,
Incredible situations to manage,
Exciting responsibilities to shoulder,
Remarkable duties to perform,

Lighter moments to smile,
Poignant hurdles to overcome,
Massive victories to celebrate,
Trivial downfalls to triumph over,
Many such wonderful adventures,
And sweet nothings.

In all this,
Know that you are not alone.
You now have your much loved
to share it with.

My best wishes to you " ",
And congratulations " ",
As you gain entry into
The better half of your lives,
With your life's BETTER HALVES.

Wish you a Happy Married Life.

With lots of Love,