Beware and be aware

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Update : Vignesh has done a tamil translation of this poem here.

The needle pricks him once.
The virus is injected into his blood stream once.
The syndrome spreads once.
And the disease eventually kills once.
But you alienate him,
you upset him every second.
You ignore him,
you hurt him every minute.
You hate him,
you kill him every day.

Now tell me, who is deadlier? YOU or the HIV?

Now tell me, who is a stigma? YOU or HE?

I have never come face to face with a HIV positive individual. Nor am I sure how I am gonna react when I meet up with one. But what I know for sure is that I should treat him with compassion and see him as no different from the rest. I "think" am in no position to spead this disease. The least I can do is spread the message.