Dedicated to Tsunami survivors

What was once a child's glee,
is now a parent's wail.
What was once a tourist spot,
is now a terror site.
What was once a thatched home,
is now barren space.
What were once peaceful waves,
are now horrific tsunamis.
What was once a soul with life,
is now a body dead.
What was once a lovely beach,
is now a burial ground.

You may have washed away lives,
of our near and dear,
our kith and kin,
you may have swept away our
homes and belonging.
But our hope is not dampened,
our determination not drenched,
our strength of mind not soaked,
we have pulled on,and survived.

Remember, you could only rise high to demolish storeys,
but not high enough to hit the stars,

Written on 30th Dec, 2004
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