Snooze alarm

Cartoon courtesy : Offthemarkcartoons

7.00 AM : Tring tring (the alarm goes off)
I hit the snooze and go back to sleep.
7.30 AM : Tring tring (the alarm beeps yet again)
I hit the snooze and cuddle inside my blanket.
8.00 AM : Tring tring (urgh the damn alarm strikes again)
I hit the snooze and keep rolling on my bed.
8.30 AM : Tring tring (the stupid alarm just gets nagging)
I hit the snooze and try to enjoy my siesta.
9.30 AM : Tring tring (This time it is my mobile)
And no snooze comes to my rescue.
The voice on the other side : “Can you come over to my cabin”.

“Eh ! Can you give me 15 mins, am just on my way? “

God made lazy bums. Man invented the snooze to make them even lazier. And am not sure who invented the concept of “Office” to make the lazier ones repent for their laziness.