Snooze alarm

Cartoon courtesy : Offthemarkcartoons

7.00 AM : Tring tring (the alarm goes off)
I hit the snooze and go back to sleep.
7.30 AM : Tring tring (the alarm beeps yet again)
I hit the snooze and cuddle inside my blanket.
8.00 AM : Tring tring (urgh the damn alarm strikes again)
I hit the snooze and keep rolling on my bed.
8.30 AM : Tring tring (the stupid alarm just gets nagging)
I hit the snooze and try to enjoy my siesta.
9.30 AM : Tring tring (This time it is my mobile)
And no snooze comes to my rescue.
The voice on the other side : “Can you come over to my cabin”.

“Eh ! Can you give me 15 mins, am just on my way? “

God made lazy bums. Man invented the snooze to make them even lazier. And am not sure who invented the concept of “Office” to make the lazier ones repent for their laziness.


  1. hahaha :-)) somu k, toongumoogi group a proud member of it:-)

    Smiles etc.,


  2. Hahaha.. Why don u keep alarm in ur mobile. At least, it may be (??!) more effective for u with the snooze intervals of 5 mins.

    Try this. It shall be helpful. Most of or sleep cycles are based on our body clock. Before u go to sleep, try making up ur mind on two time intervals. One, the max u can allow urself to sleep. And the other one, when u want to get up ideally. You'll surely wake up between those two time intervals surely!


  3. And, One small request. its been a long since i moved to a new URL. Cud u pls update my URL in ur list? Thanks.


  4. reminds me of exam time wen id swear to wake up at 5 and study, but ll wake up at 8,45 for a 9,

    thoongrathu is a pleasure, out makkals don realise tat

  5. Me too proud member ;) my snooze is 5 mins though :((

  6. Oh,i understand da Somu:( mine goes off at 6am and then at 7.15 and next to 7.45 and last 8am:( sigh! ! ! world is so cruel,isnt it? Wont let us sleep in peace also.
    By the way today is Ashish's birthday,check my blog.

  7. ennapa sophie soonathu poola correct irukey....

    vidya kaalai thookam...ah..atha ethyalum adikamudiyathu....



  8. he he.. good one. I found a picture recently where in place of that snoozing button, you have a sharp syringe / pin to poke your finger.. to alert you.

  9. @Limsa
    True... Vaazhga thoongumoonji Sangam ! Am glad I have you for company :o)

    Somu K

    Mobile alarm sounds bleak... Moreover coz of too many instances of mishandling, lotsa features don't work in my mobile... And yeah what you say works out... My other problem is I invariably go to sleep at around 2 after watching a movie... a reason why I really relish the two hrs of sleep in the morning.

    Shall update by link positively today :o)

    During my exams I wud decide to start reading after watching one movie in Star movies.. at the end of one, I wud wanna watch another movie and so I wud do that too... Ippadiyey postpone panni panni, I end up waking up at 4.00 AM to read whatever I can... Exam fear normally helps me wake up much earlier than that :o)

    Welcome aboard ! 5 mins ? Paavam u need to keep snoozing every 5 mins... Too much of a burden on someone who really enjoys sleeping in the early hours of the day :o)

    Yeah the world does not realize sleeping is an eternal bliss and everyone's birthright ;o)
    Btw, thanks for the info. I gave Ashish one freaking call... before wishing him :o)

    THalaiva ! Sophie sonnathu 100% true :o)

    Ha ha ! I think in which case everytime I snooze, "I" wud be giving out an alarm ! That's a creative way to handle the situation :o)

  10. Lucky you....sleeping till 9.30am.

    My company bus grrrrrr...... :( comes at 7.30 itself

  11. @balaji
    I used to have this problem when I was in College... Have to catch the bus at 7.30 PM and if I miss it, I have to go by public transport (40 Kms)... And so I always am ready by the time the bus arrives !

    Anyways, I have been given two warnings so far... another one and I am gonna be in trouble :o)


  12. tell me if u want a mechanised device that will have a wooden hammer to tap u on the head if u dont wake up.i'll design it for u.

    previous post-la,u called me reticent.
    my image,total damage!

  13. even i love to sleep till 10... but my college timings force me to wake up by 6...

  14. lol Somu needs someone to wake him up now :o))

  15. my alarm is in my phone... and snooze time is 10 mins... So need to get up every 10 mins to snooze...
    Y cant we sleep late and wake up late :)

  16. i just don't understand this snooze concept... we know we r okay getting up at 9 AM, but still want to put alarm at 7 AM and have a snooze at frequent intervals and finally wake up at 9 with a disturbed sleep... instead why not keep just one alarm at 9 AM and a snooze ONLY once 10 minutes later :-)

  17. Somu,
    Have you heard about this?
    Gauri Nanda of the MIT, for an alarm clock that runs away and hides.Designed to overcome abuse of the snooze feature on most alarm clocks, Clocky falls to the floor and rolls away on the first push of the snooze button. To turn it off, a person must get out of bed and find it.
    Anything useful for you,Somu? Lol

  18. @Sheky
    Tap me on the head ? Am sure for the total damage I made in my previous post, you are only gonna device a plan to put me to sleep permanently, and not to wake me up. ;o)))

    College students cannot dream of sleepng for long... I am sorry ;o))

    You think so ? maybe it's high time I find one. What say ? ;o))

    Good question... Wish I can answer that for u :o))

    The pleasure of having to just cuddle in bed is immense... esp in the early hrs of the day... It's only for that purpose, I keep the alarm at 7.00. Btw, imagine what wud happen if the first alarm is at 9.00 am... Am sure I might have to take permission for the first half :o)

    Wow ! Ofcourse it would be useful... serves dual purpose - It helps me get out of bed and gives me some exercise in the early hours... Now, where can I book one ?:o)))

  19. If you are damn can search it on google or on some search engine..Btw she got Ig Noble prize for this invention this year...
    And I'll try to search more info on this..if you wish..

  20. Wow... all of u dont wake up b4 7? Cha,my college bus comes at 6:45am I've got to get up by 5:30. What an ungodly hour to be up by. My mom is my alarm and she doesnt posses a snooze button. If i'm not up by 6, she'll come with a glass of water in her hand. Ugh!


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