I seem to be getting no reprieve from the mounting maintenance cost. Every year I try to address this in meetings and somehow I only land up paying more than the previous year. 

At one side I am working hard to bring down my EMI and on the other side, the escalating maintenace cost is countering that effort.

My middle class upbringing taught me to live life unlimited, but within the boundaries of a budget. But then, to expect it from others is quite unreasonable on my part. Living with this seems to be the only solution, unless I am pushed to look for an alternative accomodation. Having a luxury does not mean you have to necessarily enjoy it (all the time, that is), but then, it applies only if one is cost conscious. Hope good sense prevails.
She told him she wanted to watch Anniyan. He was too busy checking his statcounter that he hardly paid attention to her. She made a mention of it yet again, but his concentration was on his new template. She tried telling him about it during dinner, but he was focused on how to bring in more hits to his blog. She thought she could reiterate her request during bedtime. As expected he was transfixed to his laptop making his post for the day. By the time he was done, she was fast asleep.

Frustrated, she left a one-line comment in his blog.

He noticed.

Today they are going out for dinner,followed by Anniyan in Mayajaal.
It’s surprising how
LonesoME has M E,
SeclUded has U,
But a relationship is missing U S.

It’s surprising how
SinglE Man has M E,
Unattached has U,
But romance is bereft of U S.

It’s surprising how
UnMarriEd has U and M E,
But a marriage is devoid of U S.

Love to me is more like a word game.
If only I could play it right,
U would be in my soUl,
I would be in your lIfe,
And W E would be in WondErland.

~ Somu

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