A Happy Man he is today !

** Based on a true story **

He does not remember his tricycle days, but he sure knows how he learnt riding the bicycle paying a rent of 50 paise per hour. He practiced thereafter borrowing his neighbors Champ.

Being just a stone’s throw away from school, his primary school days were spent in walking between school and home. When he changed school, he was completely reliant on PTC.

He was excited when his cousin left to the UK for settling down. This was more so because he now had a BSA SLR to use to school. He never learnt to ride a motorcycle as he never owned one.

During college days, he was glad he had his college bus to carry him. He was back to depending on good old PTC when he started working.

Close to seven years have passed since he started his professional life. Time seems to have moved so fast. Waiting for the bus, or bargaining with the auto wallahs, or expecting one of his friends to drop him have been a daily affair.

Today was different. He was a happy man. He realizes days of true mobility are ahead of him. He acknowledges how much his life has changed in each of it's phase.

Today, he was reminded of the past as he, for the first time in his life, claimed ownership to his own vehicle.

In all the excitement he was in, he just managed to mutter, “Here I come Besi beach, here I come ECR, here I come Chennai”. And after a little thought, he added, “Here I come Kerala, here I come Bangalore”