Rough Ride

** Based on a true story **

Taking his brother’s car out all by himself for the first time, he felt a surge of liberty running through him. He wanted to paint the entire Indira Nagar locale red. The time, 2230 hrs, was right for this novice driver as the roads / streets were deserted.

However, struggling to get the car going on the reverse gear, he saw his excitement slowly dampening. It was in his 21st attempt that he could move the car on the first gear. From then on every attempt to change gears stopped the vehicle. Embarrassed and demotivated, he wondered if he was ever capable of driving alone. His earlier practice sessions with his brother were without glitches.

It’s been an hour now, and he had moved only 500 meters away from where he started. Another gear change force stops the car in a shady corner of the road. He wakes his brother up from his sleep. “Anna, can you come over? Looks like am stuck here”. His brother comes to his rescue and teaches him his first major lesson as a driver.

From that moment on, he takes care to release the handbrake before starting the car.