My Best Friend's Wedding

We have fallen in love with the same girl.

We popularized a concept called “Dono Act” in School

We went on stage for the teacher’s day function and gave a 45 minute entertainment show. The entire talent program was for only an hour and every other program had to be cancelled.

We have discussed just about “everything under the sky” under the starlit sky in Besi beach.

We have seen close to 150 movies together in the theatre. Satyam complex is where we used to be every Saturday night.

Though both of us never understood the language, saw an entire Telugu movie in the theatre.

We have been there for each other anytime and everytime. And I can go on and on.

His is the longest standing friendship of mine.

Today, he got married. And am so happy for him.

The least I could do for my friend was to gift him something that am “best” (in relation to my other talents and not in relation to other people) at. Here’s what I gave him.

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