Light's off, camera, action !

** Based yet again on a true story **

He always follows a checklist while starting the car.

Switch on the cabin light, insert the key, turn on the car, switch on the headlights and go on his usual practice drives in the night.

He has been instructed to use the rear view mirror as it aids in keeping track of what follows. For some reason he could only see glaring headlights. And when there is no vehicle behind, he only caught a glimpse of darkness.

He peeped out of the window just to confirm if it was dark. The streets were well lit and visibility clear. So, why the heck do we have a rear view mirror, he thought. Is it just for daytime driving?

After about an hour and a half of roaming around, he carefully parks the vehicle in his apartment parking lot. He took one final look at the bright premises through the rear view mirror. Darkness everywhere. And as always, followed the checklist in the reverse order. Switched off the headlights, turned off the car and took out the key.

Something was amiss. The cabin light was on. And so he switched it off. The world around him brightened through the rear view mirror.

And that’s how he learnt why it is important to have the cabin lights off while driving.

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