A dissatisfied customer

Being in support for the last 4 years, I completely empathize with any customer-interfacing executive especially when it comes to dealing with customers on the phone. While everything, be it good or bad, happens at the back end, it is these executives who have to face the brunt of the customers. And the sad part – For no fault of theirs.

While I save all my anger for the guy who is directly involved in delaying my request, I try to be as nice as possible to the one picking up my call. Not just because it is invariably a girl, but for the fact that I know she is not responsible for my problem.

But today, I lost my cool. My call was received with a “HELLO”, something unheard of in the service industry and it’s been almost 25 days and I still haven’t got my Debit / ATM card. What they don’t understand is that I cannot be surviving on begging, borrowing and stealing any longer.

They don’t even realize that such small incidents can make me think twice about my 7 year loyalty towards them. And I am sure they have very little clue about my wanting to talk to someone here, if there is no progress in the next two days.