The bluez I choose to lose

Like it was pre-planned three of us were clad in blue today. All of us realized the uniformity, but failed to appreciate how symbolic it was to wear them on a Monday morning.

The blues start as early as on Sunday evenings. Meetings, presentations, conference calls, customer problems, surge of mails … even thinking of them makes Monday a day to dread. Contrary to my Sunday evening fear, today was good.

The meeting was postponed, so no presentation. No conference call was scheduled and just two customers bothered to call me. Which meant I had time for reading and replying to the mail deluge.

But the next Monday is not far off and I can’t get lucky a second time. So, here goes my dedication to the day I am averse to the most

A whole week ahead,
I don’t feel like leaving bed,
seems like am brain dead,
wish it were Sunday instead.

Saturday, till its end,
the whole of my weekend,
why I can't extend,
I fail to comprehend.

No work and all play,
I know yields no pay,
but to angels, I pray,
to make Mondays go away.

‘Coz, I hate it just like you,
am just as disgusted too,
I prefer catching a flu,

than having a morning blue.