Woohoo ! Am so popular !

This picture was taken when I landed in LA last summer. All my fellow bloggers / fans were standing behind the cordon, waiting for my arrival. “Somuuu we simply love your blogs”, that’s all they had to say.

Never knew my blog had such an expansive reach spanning geographies.

As I was being tucked into the Limo, away from the fan mob and taken to my King’s Suite at Hilton… … I woke up from my sleep.

While I move away from my desk and lie down comfortably on bed to catch up with more sleep, why don’t you check out this link.


Put your name, make your own self-proclaimed message and have fun with your friends :o)

I cooked the below messages and mailed them all to my friends
** Somu for President of America
** Somu, we love you
** Somu, you are great
** Somu Somu Somu

Wowwie ! I am such a narcissist, ain’t I ?