A day to remember

Yesterday was fun. We had finished with the last exam of the trimester. Like good old school and college days, we set out to celebrate the end of a trimester… Hmmm if only we could have the same kind of summer vacations we used to have… Anyways, I am back at work as usual and working my heart out.

Holding a mug of beer, we were discussing office humor. Everyone had a story to tell. One recalled the embarrassment he put himself into in front of our CEO, someone mentioned the fight he picked up with a gentleman without knowing he was the Vice President, and everyone had a bit to tell us about their experiences as a drunken monk. I had my list of mistakes that I have made to share with them too.

It’s quite surprising that time has whisked past in the last 6 years ever since I joined work after my graduation. We returned with fond memories of yesteryears. While returning in the car, the discussion turned towards who was better – Illayaraja or AR Rehman (Thanks to FM that triggered this whole conversation). Considering the fact that I was being reminiscent at that point in time, all my votes went for Illayaraja.

Back at home, dozed off listening to Illayaraja’s ultimate melodies. Probably that was the most fitting end to a day that was filled with anxieties, arguments, jokes and loads of fun.