If love was...

”If love was shelter, I would walk in the rain”
The above line which I saw as someone’s status message in yahoo inspired the below lines. The thoughts expressed, though, are in total contrast to the source of inspiration.

If love was a deluge, I would want to get drenched.
If love was tsunami, I would want to get washed away.
If love was a whirlpool, I would want to get sucked in.
If love was Katrina, I would want to be swept away.
If love was an inferno, I would want to get burnt.
If love was a quake, I would want to get jolted.
If love was an accident, I would want to die.
And if love is reality, I would want to live.

Despite the form it takes, the feeling rocks.
But for now, love is just a history book,
that I really don’t want to read.


  1. And if love was an ocean, I'd want to drown or be a fish.
    And if love was a deep deep valley, I'd want to jump from the very top or maybe paraglide into it.
    And if love was sweet , I'd want to be sugar merchant or a honeybee.
    And if love was perfume, I'd want to gift my love a CK (hehe!) or a piece of sandalwood.

    btw, great one dude.

  2. good to see u back :)

    neenga endha katrina-va solreenga... both can sweep u off ur feet

  3. nice one somu...

    reading all natural disasters (tsunami, whirlpool, quake, hurricanes..) this post fits aptly on "earth day" !

  4. Welcome back!! Good one.. :)

  5. Aha! ;-)

    Someone's back with a blast :p

    Smiles etc.,


  6. aah.. finally u r back... had u been to some other planet by any chance...
    And for ur post.. must say u have come back with a blast.. good one...

  7. Oh..welcome back,somu!!
    nice one from you..

  8. if love was a blog post, i would like to be a comment in it :)

    (athavathu keeping at a safe distance and helping others' love improve :p)

  9. tsh tsh touchings of india ;p awww its beautiful

  10. It's not a nice one Somu. Seriously.

  11. very interesting... and i guess everyone would agree with the last few lines at some point of time! ;-)

  12. Love is indeed a reality...Love is sometimes a history book..But history helps to know wat to do and wat not to do...U cant blame love itself for tat..:) Nice to see u back

  13. That's nice...I guess ur life is getting busy aswel eh?

  14. If Love was a Computer, then I would BLOG !!!

    heheh.. came here from Akshay's blog ... real nice man.. so you in SIFY is it ??!!

  15. Hey Somu,
    how's you?
    You're one of my family members..You can visit my blog to see the details..

    Waiting for your comeback,buddy...

  16. u got explain on the last 2 lines ...


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