If love was...

”If love was shelter, I would walk in the rain”
The above line which I saw as someone’s status message in yahoo inspired the below lines. The thoughts expressed, though, are in total contrast to the source of inspiration.

If love was a deluge, I would want to get drenched.
If love was tsunami, I would want to get washed away.
If love was a whirlpool, I would want to get sucked in.
If love was Katrina, I would want to be swept away.
If love was an inferno, I would want to get burnt.
If love was a quake, I would want to get jolted.
If love was an accident, I would want to die.
And if love is reality, I would want to live.

Despite the form it takes, the feeling rocks.
But for now, love is just a history book,
that I really don’t want to read.