Blog breather

My blog life is a secret well protected from the knowledge of my folks at home. Sometimes I write things that most guys would not want anyone from home to be aware of. For example, a picture like this will ensure that I am not allowed inside home for few days. So, just imagine what happens if someone reads about my buying a pack of cigarette, or visiting a night club from here.

I can argue that I am a grown up and I have all the discretion to make my own choices. But definitely, there are few choices that no parent or even siblings would ever encourage.

My desktop at home was recently cleaned of all the virus problems that it was suffering from. And so, my browsing and blogging (or should I say the lack of it) experience migrated from the privacy of my room to the company of everyone else in the drawing room.

Its not lack of interest or dearth of time or absence of ideas or a self-imposed ban. The reason for delayed posts is just this. Am sure it would continue for a while till I find a way out :o)

P.S. My Obsession on wallpapers has still not died. Today was Mary-Kate and Ashley day and am still working on more downloads. Looks like am developing a new crush. Am so confused as to who between the two should I pick.