Inspiration from bloghopping

Instant poems to me are elusive. Time and effort invested in writing a verse is always huge in my case. And so, when I wrote some lines instantaneously, I thought I should thank those posts that prompted me to write.

Broken Promises
In response to Smyta’s THE LOOK

To pamper me with smiles,
was your vow.
To shower me with happiness,
was your pledge.
To overwhelm me with joy,
was your word of honor.
To delight me with bliss,
was your assurance.
To indulge me in ecstasy,
was your oath.

Rescue me, my love,
before the next drop of tear trickles down.

In response to Sophie’s SMILING BLOSSOM

They wither in a day.
Droop within 24 hours.
Wilt before it is tomorrow.
Yet they smile,
telling us in unspoken words,
to live life,
like it was our last day.

Vaseegara Weather
In response to Viji’s VASEEGARA WEATHER

Even scorching summers,
threatening thunderstorms,
damaging downpours,
barbaric blizzards,
are signs of pleasant weather,
when am locked in your arms.

Having been used to thanking folks for commenting on my posts, feels a little strange to thank those for making me comment on theirs. LOL !

P.S. Have made minor changes to the original lines.