Serial killers

“FRIENDS” to relax, “NEWS” to update myself, and “JUST FOR GAGS” for a little laugh is all I ask for. But my after office hours agenda typically looks like this.

Women at home outnumber the men. So am left with no choice but to put up with this four hours of nonstop nonsense, EVERYDAY . Every serial has two things in common - A troubled lady who would squeeze out every bit of tear in her and a whole bunch of women fan following.

During weekends when all the aunties meet up, “Gopi’s” divorce with “Kala” gets discussed. They cry over “Chidambaram ayya’s” death and empathize with “Sarala” for the state of affairs she is in. I have my own problems in life and here I have a bunch of grown ups discussing the small screen super zeros.

I decided to put an end to all my frustrations. After several months of deliberation I devised a master plan.

These days when I come home late, I ask my mom, "What happened to Gopi ? Did he manage to get the divorce ?". Or if am on time, I would, over my dinner, relish every bit of each of these episodes.

When in Rome, be a Roman. Do you have a better plan?

P.S. This is an old post of mine from Sify blogs. Was prompted to repost after reading this by JVC.