Independence Day 1

On Aug 13th,0500 hrs, 6 of us started a journey that we would remember for years to come. After about 2 months of planning, we decided on visiting Thekadi for the Independence day weekend and after lots ofconfusion, we fixed on doing a road trip. And so, with a Qualis to carry us, a driver to drive us through and loads of enthusiasm, we started our trip.

It’s quite natural for a bunch of people inside a moving vehicle to be so vociferous and that’s exactly how we were. Jarring music, our loud singing that was not in harmony with the music, jokes,pulling legs, and boisterous laughter entertained us throughout the backbreaking 12 hr journey. We even watched a movie.

A tinge of Malayalam and an array of coconut trees signaled the arrival of Kerala.

And finally at around 1830 hrs we reached our destination,HOTEL AMBADI, about 3 Kms before Thekadi.

After a quick shower, we went for a long stroll. The weather was just perfect. While we were discussing on whether to watch martial arts or kathakali dance, the slight drizzle and chilled breeze made it obvious that we should just extend the stroll. All of us agreed unanimously. Walked into a restaurant just to taste some Kerala soup.

Back in our Hotel, with the only other non-teetotaler down by the effect of "Coconut Milk mixed" Mushroom soup, I had to take the lead. Being tired already, we split quickly after dinner to catch up with some sleep. The day was eventful in it’s own ways. The second day was the highlight about which I shall write tomorrow.


  1. I envy had such a pleasant weekend!And I'll wait for the remaining part!! Catch youlater..I'm in a little bit i'm heading to Bangalore..come back on Saturday...

  2. I thought Somu will go in Sumo....
    had been there last May.....quite a nice place. seems to be quite popular with the western tourists.

  3. Somu:

    Hmm..U r painting me green!:-)

    Grrrrr * JEALOUS *

    Smiles etc.,


  4. if u wanna make 12 hour trips u should make sure u stay there for at least 3 or four days or you will spend most of your holiday in the vehicle.

  5. Kerala's is on my list of must-visit places now...

  6. Wow!! Kerala is surely a beautiful place... Abt food... Well its good...

  7. There u are! I was definitely expecting this post. Had a great time huh!

  8. Man...the meaning of independence day has truly changed and like it too. Have loads of fun from my side too.

  9. Ganga,

    We had been wanting to do it for a long time. We are so glad that we could finally make it together. Now we feel like we wanna do it every month ;o)


    Honestly Somu and Sumo don't go hand in hand, I mean in the literal sense ... lol ! Thought Qualis would be more confortable.

    Yeah the number of tourists were on the high. But guess summer is when lotsa ppl are attracted to this place.

  10. Smyta,
    Infact we saw a lot of greenry too... :o)

    We realised it the hard way. What you said is just right. We should have taken the overnight train both ways. That way we would have had 3 days to go around the place.

  11. Sangeetha,
    True. Infact this is my second trip to kerala. The first time around we went on a drive to my friend's native which is in the interiors of Kerala.

    Burp ! Kerala food rocks. Infact I have i have it whenever I can at the restaurant we have in our office building. Hmmm

  12. JVC,
    Well the price i had to pay for this trip was not meeting up with u... Maybe next time, what say ?

    Ha ha ! Just been wanting to break free for a long time... and the long weekend just seemed apt to name it the Independence day trip ;o)

  13. Hehehe.. to me it doesnt look like a coconut milk that u have in ur hand...


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