Did Illayaraja copy ?

To me Illayaraja is a musical God. So, when someone said he had copied a song, I was deeply shocked. Not because he cannot copy, but because the song was my personal favorite ever. This really triggered an argument when we were discussing the song “Ilaya nila Pozhigirathu”. There also exists a Hindi version which is remarkably similar to this one. Apparently it is one of Kishore Kumar’s best (Neele Neele Ambar par from Kalaakaar) and the one’s speaking for it were not willing to budge.

I had to prove those who were arguing with me wrong. So, I set out on doing some groundwork. I was so glad to find out that the Tamil version was released in 1982 while the Hindi version came in 83. And I also sat down and listened to both the songs completely. True that both the songs are great in their own respects, but one has to acknowledge the Hindi version was inspired by the Tamil. The use of guitar is strikingly similar and the entire first stanza sounds exactly the same as the Tamil version.

Listen to the songs when you have the time. Both of them are amazing…

I don't listen much to Hindi music. But then this sure is a good song.

I really have no words to describe this song. Am not sure if it was Vairamuthu or Vaali, but the lyric is just out of this world. I have used my very little poetic expertise to translate my favorite lines from this song.

The roaming clouds roam around,
Have they lost their address,
And so, do they shower tears of rain,
Calling for a redress ?

And ofcourse needless to say, SPB is at his best as always. I always wonder how he manages to bring out such melody in his voice.

Now with data backing me up, I can meet my opponents head on :o))) After this I realized how much I love Illayaraja’s music… and that should explain why you can expect more about his music here in my blogs.