A class in pronunciation

I loved my Business Communication subject during last semester. New things were learnt and it helped me tweak my communication. I particularly remember the class on proper pronunciation.

Steak does not sound like streak.
Suite sounds much like sweet.
Wind and mind are not rhythmic.

And there were lots. All of them were taken from “English is tuff stuff” poem. "As long as the message gets communicated, why should the pronunciation be a problem", this was our stand. Now, to prove us otherwise, our prof made us listen to the story of the Italian man who went to Malta.

Pump up the volume and listen to his story. It was so hilarious that we roar in laughter every time we hear it. And it helped the prof prove his point too.

If you are below 18, parental advisory required. If you are above 18 and myopic in your mindset, ignore. If you are above 18 and know how to look at the lighter side of life, enjoy the entire story here.