Old habits die hard

Not been at work for a while as I was on an emergency vacation – the kind of one that I would not relish. Anyways, with my exams over and this short vacation, I finally found the time to do that things that I have been wanting to for quite sometime. Spent most time practicing guitar. Still not mastered it and generating just noise more than anything else.

I also managed to almost complete the GODFATHER book that I had bought a long time back. Am left with just 100 more pages and I intend completing it today. It was “THE DA VINCI CODE” that revived my reading habit which was never to be seen in the last 6 years. This was one book that was sooooo gripping that I sat through one night and completed it.

Ever since, I made it a point to buy one novel every fortnight. So the spree started - “THE RULE OF FOUR” (I never could complete it. Boring it was) and now “GODFATHER”. The next in line is “ANGELS AND DEMONS” that is lying in my draw for more than a week without being touched. Another one of Dan Brown’s, so am sure it’s gonna be just as interesting.