Oh mermaid sans the fins,
you stir up joy within.

Oh malabar mannequin,
my heart goes for a spin.

Oh angel's identic twin,
you are just so enchantin'.

Oh Juliet's distant kin,
I confess my fondness herein.

With fanfare and energetic din,
here's me wishing you
a Happy Birthday ASIN

I had to read this to realize the significance of today.

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Amid thousand faces, I keep searching hers,
my eyes assiduously indulging in the hunt,
deftly shifting their gaze when they find her face.
Concentration dwindles, with work piling up,
nothing seems more significant,than a little chat with her.
All through the day, she invokes a pleasant thought,
and am dancing in a far away wonderland,
with all my worries and troubles shed.

I keep staring at my mobile, waiting to hear from her,
and at the least expected moment,
my mobile sings the special tone I saved exclusively for her.
The prolonged wait proves worthy.
My sleep has become a dream, missing from my life lately,
still no nightly moment passes without she occupying my mind.

I find these actions of mine inexplicable.

She is like the rainbow, colorful and beautiful,
adorning the entire expanse of the sky,
bringing in joy and happiness to everyone around.
How I wish I were the sky, I have no means to convey !

A dreadful sense of melancholy is evoked in me,
I go through a volley of emotions,
I suddenly see myself reliving my past,
the one I had consciously managed to put behind me.

I call up my pal, to keep myself occupied,
but the feelings return at the end of the banter.
My mind is misplaced in thoughts, she being the subject matter.
The night turns gruelling with every stretched second,
time makes unhurried progress extending my anguish.
I wait eternally for the torment to end.

At a snail's pace, the sun finally rises.
It dawns. And it dawns on me too.
I suddenly find the reason behind my actions.
The punishing emotions I suffered seem sensible.
I realize I AM IN LOVE,
for the second time in my life.
And I wish with all earnestness, there is no third time.
It all started with a Yawn.
And so I fell horizontal.
Quite naturally began to doze off.
The zzzz slowly changed into a snore.
I went into a deep slumber.
Saw wood and dead log I became.

By the time I woke up, I could only manage to grumble.
“Sigh ! There goes another wasted weekend”

Pic Courtesy : Fredcat.net
Like the sands of Sahara, arid and
Missing the monsoons,

Like the hours of darkness, murky and
Missing the crack of dawn,

Like a withering rose, wilting and
Missing a glance of sun’s beam,

Like the deprived lot, famished and
Missing a morsel of rice,

Like a desolate soul, abandoned and
Missing a devoted friend,

Like a dying man, downhearted and
Missing a miraculous cure,

Am here, forsaken and forlorn,
Missing you.

Pic courtesy
“All mornings are like paintings – You need little inspiration to get going, a smile to brighten it and a message from someone who cares to color your day… GOOD MORNING”

Is it not nice to wake up to such a nice sms in the morning? Really does make your day. And of course it did make mine today. But, when I looked around me, what I saw – dresses strewn all over, chaos and confusion from the office going folks in drawing room, couple of missed calls from office, and nine on the clock – only prompted me to respond with this message.

"All mornings are like reality – You have to brush your teeth, have coffee, take a shower, get ready for work and head towards office… GOOD MORNING”

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day !

More Morning sms :)

In an attempt to keep it short,
here's me wishing you from my heart.
In an attempt to keep it simple,
here's me wishing you peace and good will.
In an attempt to keep it sweet,
here's me sending you a message so neat.
In effect, in an attempt to KISSS,
here's me sending you a good morning wish.

The sun woke up and thought of rising.
The birds woke up and thought of chirping.
The buds woke up and thought of blooming.
So, it’s only natural I woke up and thought of you.

Start your day with
Wonderful thoughts, and
Beautiful people.
So here I am, starting mine with
A wish for you.
Have a wonderful day.

P.S. On Sophie's request, giving a link to my other auto posts
Talking talking cabbie
Me ? Eve teasing?
While talking about an incident that happened to me once, Ravi suggested that I should probably post it in my blog… And so, here goes…

I am bugged of bargaining with auto wallahs every time I take a rick from Tidel to my home. Invariably this is how it would seem…

Day 1
Auto wallah : Sir, 30 Rs.
Me : Illa pa. 25 Rs.

Day 2
Auto wallah : Sir, 30 Rs.
Me : Illa pa. 25 Rs.

Day 3
Auto wallah: Sir, 30 Rs.
Me : Illa pa 25 Rs.

So, on day 4 I decided to move away from the usual auto stand to catch a running auto. This is how the conversation went

Auto wallah : Sir, 20 Rs.
Me : (instinctively) Illa pa, 25 Rs.
Auto Wallah : Ok sir.
Me : * Blink blink blink *

Others who were party to my recalling this incident when we met at Chennai Trade Center were Sophie, Hari, Vee-jay and Shekys. It was a pleasant evening yesterday on the lawns of CTC when we met, munched corns, discussed, laughed and pulled legs. Yet again, it was a wonderful opportunity for me to identify blogs I have been reading with a human face. I also did go back with two new blogs, the faces behind which (Shekar and Hari) I got introduced to yesterday.
Some quotes from here:

"Amongst all nations of the world perhaps the maximum abuse of democracy by individuals (rich/famous/politicians) takes place in India. When a senior Labour Party leader in UK is caught in a sex scandal, he accepts, apologises and resigns. No one in the US, UK or Japan who is caught red handed in some case of corruption ever denies it. The assumption of course is that the public is intelligent enough to see the truth behind, say, a Tarun Tejpal’s Tehelka or a Rajat Sharma’s India TV sting operation. In India of course we are shameless. Shamelessly, they came the very next day after the Tehelka episode, with ludicrous and shameless claims of falsely doctored tapes, assuming I guess that the public remains perpetually drunk and can’t see the most evident truth. Surprisingly the media (which often gives an impression of being perpetually drunk) did give these statements enough coverage to make the entire episode look confusing for the masses. In days to come the shameless were seen giving interviews in celebrity chat shows and were given high visibility through the peep show pages (read page 3) of leading dailies. But of course the matter didn’t end at that. The shameless went further shamelessly behind Tehelka, and rest as they say, is history. And history has a habit of repeating itself."

Is history not repeating itself yet again ? And look who is talking about abuse of democracy in India. Who is the shameless and who is Tehelka in the current context?

"Final analysis: I read the Tehelka newspaper regularly. It is as bold and as revealing as ever. Every issue has some revelations that leave me shocked. India TV might also mature up to more serious issues in times to come, once the eyeballs have settled down. But does it matter? Can they change India? No. Not until they have betrayers in their own community. Not until journalists from other media houses take up the issues they bring forward and take it forcefully to the public. Till then I only hope that many more Tehelka’s and many more India Tv’s come up and make hell out of the lives of the shameless creeps who occupy public space. It was supposed to be the job of the newspaper that you are reading right now. Sad that the market forces don’t allow them to mess up with the rich (their advertisers) and the politicians (who can mess up their basic existence). Till the time they do their jobs properly... Long live Tehelka! Long Live India TV!"

Going by the same viewpoint, should we/he/and everyone else not be saying, long live Gaurav ! Long live Rashmi? After all, just like how the author hoped, did they not come up and make hell out of the lives of the creeps? Preachers don't practise eh ?

Tag : IIPM
Better late than never:

I don't have anything against IIPM, nor do I have anything for Gaurav / Rashmi. However, what I do have is a common link between two of those three... and that is I blog as part of my everyday activity. While my knowledge on both the institute and these two bloggers at the start of the war was very limited, here's what I could assimilate after the haze cleared.

While I shall refrain from making any comments on the institute, I have developed lot of respect for these bloggers who have been righteous by standing up for what they believed is the truth and for being bold in not succumbing to pressure in their fight for free will.

The decision to speak out and the discretion to express is one's own birthright... And when that is questioned, is it not natural for all those directly and indirectly affected to join hands... And here I am extending my little hands for this movement :o)))

The whole of Tamil Nadu chanted "Sentamizh naadenum pothiniley" in their protest against English invasion here.

The whole of India shouted "Vande Maatharam" to show their solidarity.

And so, when I thought what I can possibly frame to show my fellowship to this movement, this is what I came out with :o)

Maybe you're wrong, just makin big noise,
playin with our rights, gonna go busted some day,
You are low on your ways,
that's disgrace,
we're kickin your name all over the place.

We will we will blog you
we will we will blog you.

Buddy, we are big team, strong team,
waging with our words, gonna give you some sense some day,
we got lead on the race,
just in case,
you didn't know you'd lose in few days.

We will we will blog you
we will we will blog you.

P.S. You may replace the word "Blog" in the above lines with whatever you think that deems fit.
Unleashing the child within,
by letting my energy reign,
with glee and naive delight,
I wanna dance in the rain.

Reviving my truest self,
by letting my spirits soar,
dripping, sopping and soaked,
I wanna dance in the downpour,

Shedding my coyness,
for minutes and maybe hours,
jumping, playing and singing,
I wanna dance in these showers.

Opposing the popular rhyme,
I am wishing it never stops.
Like no one is watching,
I wanna dance under the raindrops.

It’s raining cats and dogs here every evening…
And for that Chennai,
மிகவும் விரும்புகிறேன் உன்னை.
(Migavum virumbugi"rain" unnai)

Picture Courtesy
When he reached 90, he got a little jittery. A failure would mean nothing, but he was keen on reaching the milestone. One by one, slowly, carefully and with utmost caution he moved until he reached 99.

He had a select few crowd who have always been cheering him and encouraging him with written/unwritten words . At 99, he looked back at all of them with gratitude, for he knows reaching his personal landmark would not be possible without them.

He is still at 99. Did he hit his century?

He did. And you just read that landmark post of his.
Two families gather, a guy and a girl meet, lot of discussions take place and finally everyone disperses. Few more days are spent in horoscopes, taking concurrence from other members of the family and whole lot of other decision-making processes. Finally, the guy says yes and the girl is all the more happy (or at least she seems so).

A day before the guy’s parents are to leave to fix the engagement date, a stranger meets up with the prospective groom (PG) just to tell him, “Sir, am in love with the girl. Please help me”. A little chat with the prospective bride gives no indication to negate the stranger’s words. What can the PG possibly do under such a circumstance?

I can understand that confronting parents might not be an easy task. But, why drag an innocent guy and the family behind him into your story. You are not only putting a blameless guy into lot of emotional stress, but also an entire close knit family under tremendous pressure.

When you meet the guy/girl in private for 5 mins, you need not try to understand the other person completely. The least you can do is at least come out with any grievance you might have against going ahead with the proposal.

P.S. This is a true incident as old as just a week in my friend’s life.
My suggestion to Nayantara
Aerobics in the morning, acting classes in the evening and a proper diet in between, just in case you are keen on not joining the league of Mumtaj or Namita.

My word of appreciation for Surya
Keep it up. You are now one more rare addition to my list of favorite actors.

My request to Harris Jayaraj
It’s difficult to listen to dialogues with both ears closed. So, if you can increase the level of harmony in your BGM and reduce the decibel intensities, I would be lot happier. You don’t need a Goutham Menon to compose good music. So, let us get to hear more such “Oru maalais” and “Sutum vizhis”.

My question to AR Murugadoss
You had a star cast. You had a gripping storyline. You had two super hit songs. You had given the movie necessary hype. You had a riveting first half in the movie. But, why did you have to let me down in the subsequent half?

My thoughts about the story
I did not write it down and I pretty much forgot everything 15 mins after I walked out of the theatre.

My assessment of the movie
There are negatives. But the positives definitely outshine them.

Saving the best for the last…
My admiration for the phenomenon called ASIN

Can’t you figure out? Am mesmerized. Am enthralled. Am bowled over. And so am speechless (or should I say wordless?)
I want to do something nice this weekend.

But am not sure how I would be placed.

And now, going crazy over the thought of a dull Sunday.

True am game for a fun filled mid-week.

Thotti jeya, Mazhai and Gajini. Everything’s unexplored.

Can you guess my program tonight?

Here's a clue.

x word in x line,
arranged in one line,
will lead you to the sign.
** Based on a true story **

He is always used to giving instructions to the Auto wallahs. “Inga left”. “Inga right”. “Inga U-turn”. “Inga stop”. His instructions were always followed diligently. And it ensured he reached his destination.

Today, for a change, he was being given instructions. “Inga left”. Inga right”. “Inga U-turn”. "Inga reverse”. “Inga stop”. He followed the instructions diligently. And it ensured he got his four-wheeler driving license.

P.S. "Inga" in Tamil means "Here"
As soon as I read this couple of days back, I have been way too excited The last time I had such a crush on a heroine was after “Poovey Poo chooda va”. I remember, as a teenager, how shy I was to walk across to Nadhiya for an autograph when I saw her in Anna University.

Incidentally, this time around, the crush is on Nadhiya’s costar ASIN.

I have seen just one movie of hers and I simply fell for the “Aiyoda” girl. For a change, Gajini, Maja, Sivakasi, and Godfather are in my list of must see movies not for the heroes, but for the strikingly beautiful and remarkably vivacious ASIN.

Today, I had my list of questions to ask her on chat. However, knowing that my chances of getting a response were bleak, I changed my plan. I paced across all the blocks to peep into the conference room from where she was chatting. I have never done this to anyone else before. I could realize my teenage timidity making a comeback. I just had a glimpse of her. My day was made.

I came back to my desk humming, “Aiyo Aiyo un kangal aiaiyo, un kangal kanda neyrathil yelaamey aiaioo”.

Picture courtesy : That's telugu
Dear Father,

“If they want to know real freedom, they have got to come to India. I am not arrogant. I am not a proud man. I know the distinction between pride, arrogance, insolence and so on”.
In your words, we see the true spirit of Indian independence that you dreamt of and always strived for. Today, we are liberated, 'only' from the clutches of Englishmen and from the monstrous acts they inflicted upon us.

58 years have passed and we are still grappling in darkness. We are still waiting for the dawn that will see this nation rise from ashes. Englishmen have been ousted, instead self-made moral policemen and narrow-minded ethical lawmakers have mushroomed all across this Republic. “Taking long strides towards future without begetting trouble to fellow mortals”, is what we have heard freedom is all about. But today, we are running back into the past, chased away by hooligans donning the mask of reformers.

Millions from India’s vast population are below poverty line today, the country has serious public health challenge with AIDS, communal riots take our lives into the dangerous lane, rape and discrimination of women are still posing a threat. Should these not be in our radar?

They are forgetting the millions who struggle to make their ends meet. And they focus on select few self-reliant, modern day partygoers. They overlook those who still don’t have that bit of clothing to hide their essentials. And they target the innocent, fashionable students in their comfortable wears. Rapists go unharmed for their act of desperation. And their spotlight is on undisruptive valentines expressing love in its purest form.

Weeds and wild flowers are no more amidst us. Today, they have taken over the entire plantation, throwing their weight around on simple flora and gentle saplings. When this country is seeing rebirth of prehistoric morons with minds so narrow and thoughts so backward, we await your reincarnation to save this country from the dogs and weed out the unfairness shown towards us.

While we wish you Happy Birthday, we wish for your comeback.

Yours sincerely,

Picture Courtesy

** This is not a poem. So, read on **

Assault on personal life,
Attack on freedom of speech,
Backstabbing on free will to express,
Invasion into privacy,
Onslaught of independence,
Exploitation of someone being oneself.

I have listed down your shameful sins.
Now tell me, what virtue do YOU have
to act the moral police?

How can YOU take an ethical stance,
when gate crashing and trespassing by themselves are unethical.

Do you need to stir a controversy to sell your daily?
Did Tsunami wash away all your creativity?
Tell me how is life there underground?
Can you stoop down any further?

Only one set of people are happy about your grimy act.

The voyeurs feel that you beat them to the top in indecency and profanity.

Know why Chennai never moves ahead?
While the Nokias and BMWs and Hyundais push it forward,
your myopic views and opinionated acts provide the friction.

Do you see the Chennai around you as being dark –
Immoral, dishonorable, and unprincipled ?
You fool ! That's because your head is stuck in an ass,

and your eyes are closed.

Open your eyes to the beautiful Chennai around you,
And the wonderful people scattered all across it’s geography.

If you still want to be in the conventional past,
here's my suggestion.
Take a bite of "Arali vethai" or jump from "Malai Uchi" -
The tamil traditional ways of committing suicide.

Well, I had other dirty things in mind for them, but then I didn't want to bend down to their levels. While this has incensed people who read the article, I cannot imagine how the one's directly involved would feel. They needed to stir this to sell their daily right ? A simple boycott of the daily by you, me and everyone else we know can probably help prove they were grossly mistaken.

Read more about this in blogosphere