Huh !!!!

** This is not a poem. So, read on **

Assault on personal life,
Attack on freedom of speech,
Backstabbing on free will to express,
Invasion into privacy,
Onslaught of independence,
Exploitation of someone being oneself.

I have listed down your shameful sins.
Now tell me, what virtue do YOU have
to act the moral police?

How can YOU take an ethical stance,
when gate crashing and trespassing by themselves are unethical.

Do you need to stir a controversy to sell your daily?
Did Tsunami wash away all your creativity?
Tell me how is life there underground?
Can you stoop down any further?

Only one set of people are happy about your grimy act.

The voyeurs feel that you beat them to the top in indecency and profanity.

Know why Chennai never moves ahead?
While the Nokias and BMWs and Hyundais push it forward,
your myopic views and opinionated acts provide the friction.

Do you see the Chennai around you as being dark –
Immoral, dishonorable, and unprincipled ?
You fool ! That's because your head is stuck in an ass,

and your eyes are closed.

Open your eyes to the beautiful Chennai around you,
And the wonderful people scattered all across it’s geography.

If you still want to be in the conventional past,
here's my suggestion.
Take a bite of "Arali vethai" or jump from "Malai Uchi" -
The tamil traditional ways of committing suicide.

Well, I had other dirty things in mind for them, but then I didn't want to bend down to their levels. While this has incensed people who read the article, I cannot imagine how the one's directly involved would feel. They needed to stir this to sell their daily right ? A simple boycott of the daily by you, me and everyone else we know can probably help prove they were grossly mistaken.

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