Blink blink blink

While talking about an incident that happened to me once, Ravi suggested that I should probably post it in my blog… And so, here goes…

I am bugged of bargaining with auto wallahs every time I take a rick from Tidel to my home. Invariably this is how it would seem…

Day 1
Auto wallah : Sir, 30 Rs.
Me : Illa pa. 25 Rs.

Day 2
Auto wallah : Sir, 30 Rs.
Me : Illa pa. 25 Rs.

Day 3
Auto wallah: Sir, 30 Rs.
Me : Illa pa 25 Rs.

So, on day 4 I decided to move away from the usual auto stand to catch a running auto. This is how the conversation went

Auto wallah : Sir, 20 Rs.
Me : (instinctively) Illa pa, 25 Rs.
Auto Wallah : Ok sir.
Me : * Blink blink blink *

Others who were party to my recalling this incident when we met at Chennai Trade Center were Sophie, Hari, Vee-jay and Shekys. It was a pleasant evening yesterday on the lawns of CTC when we met, munched corns, discussed, laughed and pulled legs. Yet again, it was a wonderful opportunity for me to identify blogs I have been reading with a human face. I also did go back with two new blogs, the faces behind which (Shekar and Hari) I got introduced to yesterday.