Blink blink blink

While talking about an incident that happened to me once, Ravi suggested that I should probably post it in my blog… And so, here goes…

I am bugged of bargaining with auto wallahs every time I take a rick from Tidel to my home. Invariably this is how it would seem…

Day 1
Auto wallah : Sir, 30 Rs.
Me : Illa pa. 25 Rs.

Day 2
Auto wallah : Sir, 30 Rs.
Me : Illa pa. 25 Rs.

Day 3
Auto wallah: Sir, 30 Rs.
Me : Illa pa 25 Rs.

So, on day 4 I decided to move away from the usual auto stand to catch a running auto. This is how the conversation went

Auto wallah : Sir, 20 Rs.
Me : (instinctively) Illa pa, 25 Rs.
Auto Wallah : Ok sir.
Me : * Blink blink blink *

Others who were party to my recalling this incident when we met at Chennai Trade Center were Sophie, Hari, Vee-jay and Shekys. It was a pleasant evening yesterday on the lawns of CTC when we met, munched corns, discussed, laughed and pulled legs. Yet again, it was a wonderful opportunity for me to identify blogs I have been reading with a human face. I also did go back with two new blogs, the faces behind which (Shekar and Hari) I got introduced to yesterday.


  1. this was funny :)
    Once i got into a bus... asked for a ticket for the place where i was boarding the bus... the conductor was confused... he said this is the place.. then i just gave a nice smile and told him where i had to go...

  2. Haha..It happens man! I have four years exp. in taking autos to office....

    but, I couldn't master the art of bargaining :(

  3. was funny...
    And it happens like that..I too have the same experience as Arathi had...

  4. Hahahaha...Somu K...tht was cute:-)

    Smiles etc.,


  5. had CAT classes.. cha, misseetene

  6. awww another bloggers meet? good u didnt have bajji ;p

  7. 'andha auto-karanukku annaikku nalla neram' :) indha maadiri customers avanukku avalavu seekiram kadaikka maatanga..:D

  8. Oh, I think many of us have a love-hate relationship with Chennai autos. Meaning, we LOVE to HATE this lot! But what to do, they are an essential part of our life! If only they were not so fleecing by nature, the public would definitely see their point of view and adjust. Currently, there is only illwill between the public and autos. When strikes happen and autos are off roads, the loudest sighs of relief are from the public... ;)

  9. somu...and the auto walla...Gaud...
    somu write that delhi taxi walla incident also...agn..

  10. HaHaHa had a hearty laugh Somu, great. Looking fwd to more laughs at your expense :)

  11. Hahahahaha,Somu why does all such exp have you invariably?

  12. Chennai Trade Center near manapakkam?? Somu...adu pakkathla irukra LnT building le thaan enna deputation le potrikaanga.
    Had i kwn, i wud hv dropped in to say hi.

  13. Haha....
    That was funny...
    Actually, one would feel incomplete without contradicting with the auto drivers, in Chennai....:)

  14. that was hilarious.. it happens sometimes by slip of the tongue, as programmed in your mind...

  15. LOL... we get tuned into somethings!!!!

  16. sorry coudln make it to the meet :(

    Ippadi neenga damage aaveenga therinjirundha eppadiyavathu vandhiruppaen :D

  17. @Art
    Ha ha ! Am sure the conductor would have thought that u are out of your mind... It has happened to one of my friends too :o)))

    As was evident from my post, even I have not mastered the art of bargaining :o))

    The list seems to be increasing. Now am feeling much better.

    Thanks a lot :o)))

    Seriously u missed it... Was hoping you would be there :o(((

    No Bajji... Just corn and some pop corns :o)

    You mean yemaantha sonagiri kinda customers ?

    Correcta soneenga... In fact I like going in an auto... the fact that either sides are open and u are comfortably seated makes the journey really enjoyable... and the way most drivers drive makes it adventurous too...

    Sure. Will give a link to it in my next post :o)))

    Hmmm... Aduthavanga kashtatula mathavangalukku yevalavu sandhosham ... Sure... more would come as and when they happen :o)

    It happens with everyone I am sure. But only I seem to be writing about it :o)))

    Still here in Chennai. Howz it going on out here ? Do let me know how I can contact you so that I pass on the message next time. How long are u in Chennai ?

    Correct... Sanda potathaan nallaa irrukum !

    True... Infact the Rs30-Rs25 bargaining had been going on for about 3 yrs before this whole incident happened...

    Practice is to perfection :o)

    Supera ? 5 Rs loss for me that day !

    Heard you had your CAT class... Would have been nice had u been there...

    atleast damagea naama serndhu vera yaarukaavathu koduthu irrukalaam :o))

  18. nice meeting you Somu!! So true about giving a face to the blogs you read!!

  19. @Vee-Jay
    Likewise. It was a pleasure meeting up with you :o))

  20. why aren't u using your car?

    ungalai maadhiri aalunga irukkira varaikkum autokaaran kaatula mazhai

  21. kaps
    Caryelaam ippo thaana... For 6 years I have been commuting by Auto and this is something that happened about 2-3 yrs back :o)))


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