Number Game

  • One for, my lonely heart.
  • Two for, me and a lovely girl.
  • Three for, me, she and a budding relationship.
  • Four for, me, she, our union, and a blooming romance.
  • Five for, me, she, our two hearts, and beginning of true love.
  • Six for, definitely not anything that rhymes with the number.
  • Seven for, me, she, the guy next door, his charm, my insecurity, her confused state, and the turn of events.
  • Eight for, the guy next door and her 7-year itch.
  • Nine for, just he, she, a bead of shed tear and 6 pieces of my broken heart.
  • Ten for, so many number of my failed attempts.
  • Eleven for, 10 failed attempts and a new beginning.
  • Twelve for, back to number (square) 1.
Disclaimer: All characters in the above lines are completely fabricated by the author and they bear not even the slightest of resemblance to anyone or anything living or dead. Any such existence of a “SHE” or a “ME” or a "GUY Next door" in real life is purely a coincidence.