4 guys,
a road trip,
to Hyderabad,
for a Cricket match.
Premji Amaran for lotsa comedy.
One nagging wife who has much against her husband's immature friends.
And one of them is getting married after the road trip.

4 guys,
a road trip,
to Las Vegas,for a Bachelor's party.
The bearded guy for some rib tickling fun.
One nagging girlfriend who has much against her boyfriend's immature friends.
And one of them, quite naturally, is getting married after the bachelor's party.

Except for the kidnap and rescue in "Saroja", and that hilarious night in "Hangover", everything else seems to have an uncanny resemblence.

Was one inspired by the other ???

My guess : The next Venkat Prabhu venture GOA was originally supposed to be produced by Warner Brothers... who backed out of the project in April '09. So am assuming they probably had a preview of Venkat Prabhu's earlier movies (Chennai 28 and Saroja). And incidentally HANGOVER is produced by Warner Brothers. Now it's up to you to put things in perspective. And if this resemblance indeed is true, then am assuming Venkat or the producer of SAROJA can sue Warner bros for Copyright violation (unless the screenplay was sold to WB for an undisclosed amount) ;)

P.S. Saroja was released in Aug '08. Hangover in June '09.
31,556,926 seconds of magical moments.
525,600 minutes of heartwarming bonding.
8,766 hours of blooming romance.
365 days of indivisible togetherness.
52 weeks of undying passion.
26 fortnights of divine bliss.
12 months of sheer fun.
1 year of everlasting memories.
And a lifetime of true love.