And yet another meet

I know I have this habit of writing about every small meet that I attend. But everytime it gives me an oppurtunity to get to meet someone new that I can't help but write about them :o)

Not only were Upma, Vadai and Bhajji on the menu, but Nayantara and Narayana Moorthy were the chief guests of the teeny-weeny meet we had this weekend.

It was really nice of Ravi and Chitra to have invited us over to their place for supper last Saturday. Having been living in an apartment ever since I remember, it was quite natural for me to be surprised seeing a long standing independent house with a spacious courtyard right in the heart of the city.

DV made a special appearance and was keen on projecting himself as a kid-loving guy. The motive behind it is only known to the few who had gathered and maybe to few of his close friends too. Never knew making two fortnightly trips every year to Chennai from Quatar can have such serious objectives.

The rest of us were regulars.

Hari who was popularly known as Mister Hari on that day and the lady who has already broken her resolution by not talking much were the others who graced the occasion with their presence. Nayantara and Narayana Moorthy are Ravi’s cute kids :o) And ofcourse we missed Sophie who could not make it.

Thanks for the wonderful evening Ravi.

P.S. “I need to take this picture just to make her feel jealous”, DV was heard uttering these words as he clicked the below picture.