And yet another meet

I know I have this habit of writing about every small meet that I attend. But everytime it gives me an oppurtunity to get to meet someone new that I can't help but write about them :o)

Not only were Upma, Vadai and Bhajji on the menu, but Nayantara and Narayana Moorthy were the chief guests of the teeny-weeny meet we had this weekend.

It was really nice of Ravi and Chitra to have invited us over to their place for supper last Saturday. Having been living in an apartment ever since I remember, it was quite natural for me to be surprised seeing a long standing independent house with a spacious courtyard right in the heart of the city.

DV made a special appearance and was keen on projecting himself as a kid-loving guy. The motive behind it is only known to the few who had gathered and maybe to few of his close friends too. Never knew making two fortnightly trips every year to Chennai from Quatar can have such serious objectives.

The rest of us were regulars.

Hari who was popularly known as Mister Hari on that day and the lady who has already broken her resolution by not talking much were the others who graced the occasion with their presence. Nayantara and Narayana Moorthy are Ravi’s cute kids :o) And ofcourse we missed Sophie who could not make it.

Thanks for the wonderful evening Ravi.

P.S. “I need to take this picture just to make her feel jealous”, DV was heard uttering these words as he clicked the below picture.


  1. You seem to be attending too many meets.!! hehe. Food looks yummy though. Ensoy!

  2. Adapaavis...idhellam way way way too much :((

  3. Idhellam too much. I din 'project'as if i love kids...grrrr.....I always do... ennamo, enna maati vidaradhula oru periya gang-eh irukku.... Uma and Jagan were the initiators... grrr...

  4. another meet aah?... kalaki poduringa somu... shall soon be there in one of them :-)

  5. Wow..dat's a fantastic meet you've ever had,I think..I love such meetings...
    And of course Ravi is such a nice person..he could be a perfect host with his presence combined with great sense of humor.. Loved the kids in the pic...
    And I felt very nice to meet such a nice family...
    nice post,Somu!

  6. Not a big secret there DV and the kids ... DV himself is one BIG Kid; so no wonder *grin*

  7. hmm.. good u having so many meets these days :)

  8. nayanthara / narayanamoorthy..

    I was misled initially.. and finally got on the tracks... seems you are the only blogger involved in several meetings.. frequently!! enjoy.

  9. Again?? yet another 1! ! ! and now DV,you too? so is this the secret of Madras trip and you keep saying yo uare tired and all,Hmmmm.
    Somu,are there any weekends when you dont attend a bloggers meet:P
    By the way this meet sure was sweet enough with cute kids and ya ya,i know,DV,is no less than a "KID"

  10. HaHa I couldn't work out the motive behind this kids loving image that DV was trying to create, now I think I know. DV, was the trip successful? Naan summerla varuven, kalyaantha appo vechukko, Yummy I am looking fwd to Kalyaana saapadu :D

  11. hehehe awww the kids are so cuteee ;)) only the kids ! ;p

  12. Hi Somu,

    Beautifully summarised post. It could not have got any better. The pic of the snacks still mouth watering.

    I think your pic of DV with kids conveyed a mixed message as he himself looks one among the kids.

    Now what about the pic of you with the kids out there. Remember the good-luck clause of bachelors visiting Ravi's place. You should have added a point on that too. Then Ravi would have got many more visitors to queing up at his home.

    Anyway it was a great evening.

  13. Nice meet pics :-) Ravi has promised to take me to his house, when am in chennai.

    BTW, why is Visit emphasising the fact that only the kida are cute!

    *Ferrari runs for cover*

  14. kannu, I m with NK..

    Hmm...idhu konjam too much three mouth is watering at the snacks! :p

    Smiles etc.,


  15. As Ferrari runs for a cover, *WA decides to keep quiet and watch the fun*

  16. Ravi says "Ferrari, you can run for cover but you can't hide, my friend!" Madras vaango, 'supari' edakka poren, unge paerile!

    Somu, you might feel the kids cute but all the time and energy required to keep up with their boisterousness & mischief, talkativeness, studies, baths, broken & perpetually loosing pencils, complaints from teachers/neighbours/friends, running nose/colds & coughs, bed-wetting etc is enough to drive us round the bend. Anybody dares/wants to try managing them for a day? Offer now open!
    PS: Just 'kid'ding!!!!

  17. yeah all the kids r cute
    visitra....the old kids or the young kids
    sophie hides from visitra

    hey sure i missed it...
    btw where is chitra...madame ravi

  18. hey uma...nanum unga kooda lemme watch the fun here...

  19. @Ramya
    It sure was yummy... Even someone like me who does not eat Upma at home, managed to relish every bit of it... You can imagine how delicious it wud have been :o)

    Too muchthaan... the whole point was to make u say, "ithelaam too much"

    Ofcourse you do love kids... But then, did we not mutually decide to make it obvious for other ulterior motives ?

    You better be down here soon... I am all game to write about every new blogger I meet :o)

    I second you on that... Ravi did play a wonderful host that evening... Everyone felt at home.

    True... Couple people were asking me, I could see Nayan, and Narayanamoorthy, but then who was the third kid with them ?


    That was the whole have to think otherwise.
    And noooooo am not the only blogger involved in several meets. I just love these meets that I end up writing about each and everyone of them :o) I know many who meet, but don't post.

    Looks like DV's secret is out ! And yeah I don't attend meets every weekend.

    Good that you were able to figure that out... and we could not elicit answer to the same question u had asked - Was the trip successful ?

    Oh yeah... There were also folks there who were kids at heart. Am sure u meant them too ;o)
    Thanks for the compliment.

    I had to downplay my role coz DV was the special guest... moreover he has come all the way from Quatar, probably for this purpose... ;o) Me being in Chennai, I can always visit Ravi.

    We sure did discuss ur Pongal visit... and Ravi sure has some plans for you... Not to worry.

    I did take it up with Visithra offline, and she stood corrected. I would rather not let the cat out of the bag. Maybe we can wait for her response ;o)

    With whatever you told me just a while back, I am sure there is no need for ya to wait long...
    Hope you remember our deal ?



    I can take up the challenge. Infact the other day I was tempted to spend the entire time with the kids, and considering there were others too, I had to strike a balance. But then, I guess it is easier said than done. It sure takes a lot of patience and responsibility to take care of kids...

    Apparently I could not find any other pic in the ones DV sent. And so Chirta was missed out.
    I don't see any fun developing here... If there is one being triggered, we might have to wait and watch what Ferrari and Visithra have to say.

    So, mez eagerly awaiting to watch the fun too.

  20. @Ravi,
    yeah you right..We might think of their naughty things like boisterousness & mischief, talkativeness, studies, baths etc..But at their(kids') absence we feel for their presence...why?
    Me in that situation!! My son has gone to grandma's place..

  21. Somu : excuse me im strictly talking about the kids - irundhalum ivlo nenepu iruhka kudathu ;)

    Uma - ferrari - adapavingehla oru commentku ivo arachi?? Arachi arachi sandhanam ayirah poguthu!

  22. Visit,
    Sandhanam aa? Sign of good things to come?
    What next panneer sombu? :-P :-P

  23. ferro? - unnaku kalyana asai vandurucha? sandhanam sohna panner sohlreh?? nethu kovil ponnathuleh ennaku sandhnanam nyavagam!

    anniyarnu seekeram sollu!

  24. See. You went to temple yesterday. You are the one in search of ahem cute guys :-P
    And now blaming an innocent by stander like me ;-)
    Kovil la arasa maratha suthiniya visit? :-P

  25. ferrari : unnakeh terium am going temple daily this month - so nee sohlradhu doesnt make sense! - nambhurah maari reel vidhupa

    and then naan pohra timeleh cute guys iruhkangeh - under 7 years of age ;)))

    u innocent?? - dictionary edungehpa - pakathuleh ferro photo pothurukangehlanu pahkanum ;)

  26. Yeah you are going to temple. So that thai pirandha vazhi poRakkanum appadinu :-D

    Lets stop here, before Somu chases us away. He he

  27. ferro : hehehe yayyyyyyy u gave up ;)

    n sorry somu ;))

  28. HaHa Sophia where are you? Hope you are sitting in the sidelines watching the fun here as I predicted yesterday. Have some popcorn, put your feet up, make yourself comfortable and enjoy :D

  29. Ferrari, gave upa ? Enna ippadi sollitaanga ?

  30. No no. I didnt give up. I was thinking we are abusing your comment box. Now that you have given permission, let me continue!

    Visithra. Looks like you havent given up your prayers, to get the special someone ;-)

    All the very best :-P

  31. Visit, daily kovilukku poreeyaa indha maasam? edhaachum special vendudhalaaa? Good Luck

  32. Should we start a prayer club for Visit as well? What say Witchy?

  33. Oyi pullay....How can I forget that deal?

    Sure kannu! But this post is still making me feel J!:p

    U lucky *whatever* ;p

    Smiles etc.,


  34. adada ihnum mudialehyah?? konjam sound vithurundha vandhuruhpehne - prayer club taneh - ennaku intha month review iruhku - athuku prayer club pannina nalla than iruhkum

    uma : ethu 14 years ah oreh vendhudhalla? cheh vareh pohlapu illeh?

  35. Uma...i am here...with u watching the fun...entha padam comedylerundhu visu'voda verbal action apadam amthiri poykitu eruuku...popcorn nice choice pa...


    just read this somu...i hope u will like it as i did

  37. am jealous....are the coffee shops running out of business?

  38. You people enjoy the meetings very often. That's nice to know. Especially the plate with eating stuff, I feel more hungry now well before the lunch time !


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