Leave me "A LOAN"

** Based on a true story **

Time: 1930 hrs
Date: Jan 18, 2006

Much to his irritation, his mobile goes “Tring tring” just when he was about to leave home from office. Having battled with “Sir, you haven’t paid your bills” and “Do you need a credit card” calls all through the day, he was in no mood for anymore such trash. Being the sincere guy that he is, he could not ignore the fact that it could possibly be a customer of his. And so he picked up the call.

Caller: Is this Mr.So and So?
He: Yeah, this is very much he.
Caller: Am calling from XYZ bank.,
He: (As if he was waiting for this opportunity) Would you mind not calling me at such odd hours ? I am already on the verge of losing my patience.
Caller: But sir…
He: I absolutely have no need for credit cards, personal loans or any other shit you have to offer. So quit calling me again.
Caller: Am sorry sir. Your friend Jaikumar has given your name as reference for his personal loan application. So, this is just a formal enquiry.
He: Is it ? Geez Am so sorry. How can I help you?

And so the call finally ended.

At 2352 hrs, he is still wide-awake sincerely hoping that his friend gets the loan.