May I vomit?

Eating in Subway has become a routine for few of us at work. The quick service and the delicious sandwiches they have to offer are reasons why we sneak out for lunch there even on a working day. Overheard this conversation today at the Besant Nagar outlet between a customer (CU) and the subway guy (SW):

CU: Italian bread
SW: Veg or non veg ?
CU: Non veg, Chicken tikka
SW: Extra cheese?
CU: Sure. No tomatoes and olives
SW: Mint sauce?
CU: Sure.

After a while…

SW: May I vomit?
CU: urghhh no.
SW to the billing guy: One 6” Chicken Tikka, with extra cheese, without warming.

The rest of us: Ha ha ha ha ha !