She is one damn B****

Never does she leave me,
notwithstanding my frantic attempts
to keep her in a safe distance.
She is all over me,
heedless to the utter disgust,
that I have developed in immense.

Though I despise her to the core,
I have had this live in relationship,
for more than a decade now.
Every night in my room,
before I catch up with forty winks,
hmm, to elaborate my etiquettes don't allow.

I might be her only Love,
but that's no reason
for me to be caught in her trap.
I cannot be married to her,
for the rest of my life,
fine if you brand me, a stone hearted chap.

Persistent, I can't let her get,
or allow her conquest of my life,
'coz I don't see it as a positive sign.
I desperately need to find a way,
to beat her to death,
this damn boredom of mine.