Today is my last day at work

“Today is my last day at work”, I went around extending my hand and telling everyone at work. In these 7 years of professional engagement with my current organization, I have never once been prompted to take this decision. In me, the feeling was mixed. But in others, I was surprised to see no emotion.

“Today is my last day at work”, I was telling my friend at work. “Oh yeah! Take care machi”, is all that he had to say. Does he really understand that am going to be away. After years of association, do we just end up becoming colleagues? Nothing more?

“Today is my last day at work”, I said to a colleague. “Good Somu, am happy for you”, she said. I even told this to the highest authority in my business unit and all he said was, “Why are you even telling me this?”

Have I not built relationships here for friends to miss my presence? Have I not contributed professionally to the cause of the organization for my management to feel the void? Maybe they realize I would be back in 20 days. After all, today is my last day at work before I go on vacation.

P.S. Booking tickets for Bangalore for this coming weekend and already made arrangements for the Bryan Adams show ;o)