Today is my last day at work

“Today is my last day at work”, I went around extending my hand and telling everyone at work. In these 7 years of professional engagement with my current organization, I have never once been prompted to take this decision. In me, the feeling was mixed. But in others, I was surprised to see no emotion.

“Today is my last day at work”, I was telling my friend at work. “Oh yeah! Take care machi”, is all that he had to say. Does he really understand that am going to be away. After years of association, do we just end up becoming colleagues? Nothing more?

“Today is my last day at work”, I said to a colleague. “Good Somu, am happy for you”, she said. I even told this to the highest authority in my business unit and all he said was, “Why are you even telling me this?”

Have I not built relationships here for friends to miss my presence? Have I not contributed professionally to the cause of the organization for my management to feel the void? Maybe they realize I would be back in 20 days. After all, today is my last day at work before I go on vacation.

P.S. Booking tickets for Bangalore for this coming weekend and already made arrangements for the Bryan Adams show ;o)


Aww.. it might be coz they know that u're bound to get back. Ensoy ur vacation! :o)

Build up thaangalada saami.

Hey! I booked the tickets too for the Bryan Adams show (Feb 1st), just that it is more expensive compared to India.

Have an awesome vacation.

oh you are going for vaction. Buildup paatha you are leaving the organization once for all nu nenachen

Looks like they just don't care about you Somu :) Are you gonna be blogging during your holidays? If not I am sure I know of people who might miss you :D

Hey so u not gonna blog while on vacation...
enjoy Blore... Oh I miss that place :)

Ada paavi...anyway..i guess me also will be in blore this weekend!!

ok machi...

have fun ...see you...

Hi Somu,

I wud not be surprised such reaction even on the truly last day of your work, sorry not because of your professional competence, but working with computers 24/5 people wud have got emotionless like the machine itself and considering the employee turnover in software industry higher-ups get used to it.

Anyway have a great vacation. Enjoy yourself.

True...Neeyum un collegela yaaraiyum nambaatha... Polaatha ulagam ithu.

Ha ha ! Well do let me know how the show was when u are done with it ;o) And thanks, am having a good time sleeping all day already.

Yeah on vacation. The build up was exactly to make u think what u thought. Am glad it worked.

Yeah lotsa wicked angels around who hardly care about me. I guess I shud be blogging... coz i don't want anyone missing me... Who are the people you are referring to btw ? It wud be interesting to know.

Hopefully should be able to coz am gonna be lazing around most of the time :o)

Ticketslaam book panniyaacha... All train tickets booked. Looks like busla thaan poganum :o(

Thanks a lot machi.

True... in most cases. But then if one ends up building good relationship at work, am sure things would be a little different. I believe all my closest friends are from work,,, and so i hope that I do not end up saying good bye to emotionless folks.

un lollu thangalai.

unai adikama vittangale, i guess thats bcos of yr seven years and contributing to the organisation blah blah...

I heard they are struggling to come up with a good build up intro scene for Rajini in Sivaji..

Somu pls send in your contribution...haha...:-D

Hi Somu,

.. it doesn't show the great American saying " Nobody is indispensible in an oraganization.." is true.. Its just that people are frustrated with their own deadlines and project-fatigues that the forget even to react to emotional "conundrums"..!

Take it easy... What you are is important.. not what others think what you are is...!!

You have a good blog..! Good knowledge.. Good friends like me..!!(Huh..!)

Take care..!


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