Past, Present and Future

The one I hold dear to,
are the memories,
of our strolls, and tiffs,
of our laughs, and tears,
of our togetherness
and many more eventful times
that elapsed.

The one I long for now,
are the moments,
of your glance, and smile,
of your love, and care,
of your intimacy,
and many more adorables,
that I enjoy.

The one I dream of,
is our future,
our family, and home,
our children, their future,
our posterity,
and many more probables,
in store.

No wonder !
You, my dear,
are my past, present and future.

Picture Courtesy : Soultime-travel


  1. hey somu........ pic and poem paarthavudane accidental ah smyta blogsite kulla poonthuteno nu ninaichuttten :)

    poemz nice :)

  2. @Subra
    Avanga influence intha mathiri poems yezhuthum podhu yenakku niraiya irukkum... ;o)

    Thanks :o)

  3. Superb somu...kalakiteenga :)

  4. veetula ponnu paaka vendiya time vandaachu pola irukku :)

  5. Since all good things happen to good people, make sure wedding invitations are extended to me/us, Somu! :)

  6. marriage bluesa?? illai kadhal pannera velaia??

  7. RS:

    Enna accidentala poondhaadhaan en blogukku varuveengala...?:-)

    Smiles etc.,


    Somu K:

    Sooperaana poem...ippo peru sollalaam:-)

    Smiles etc.,


  8. the should learn from

    the should enjoy...

    the future...dont think about it

    "what was today will be yesterday tomorrow"

    So live in today....everyday. And enjoy....

  9. Loved the last 2 lines a lot...

  10. @JB
    Thanks a lot :o)

    Athukku innum 2-3 years irukku !

    There is also another saying... "Nallavangala aandavan yepavumey sothipaan" ;o) Ofcourse I am not gonna leave you without an invitation when the time comes :o)

    Rendumey illa ! Summa oru time pass poem thaan !

    Thanks a lot ! Enna peru sollanum ? Oru perum ippothaikku illa... Appadi yethaavathu iruntha solli irruka maatein ?

    Somu K

    Welcome back ! Long time no see ! How are u doing buddy ?

    Thanks !

    Ofcourse it does :o) And thanks for dropping by

    Not the rest of the lines ? :o((((

  11. Another 2-3 years....

    Y remember diwali day..when people told u r getting old...


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