Feels good to be back

Finally feels good to be back to days of normal blogging. So much has happened that went unwritten on this page… The blogger’s meet to start with. For few of us Diwali started as early as on Sunday when we burst crackers in the beach as part of the meet’s agenda. Then there was Diwali itself that was so uneventful for me. The only event was the question the day raised as to whether I was getting old.

My midyear appraisal happened this week and I have loads to catch up with for the next six months. This period is very critical to my moving to the next level. Two new releases are in my must see list which I hopefully intend to cover this weekend. My best friend's birthday was on the 2nd. I have this tradition of gifting him a card with a hand written poem every year. Will pass it on when I meet him tomorrow.

On the whole, apart from the love story that left me with a feeling of reminiscence and gloominess, it has been quite an interesting week. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the long 5 minute heavenly walk from the parking lot to the main entrance with the Rain God sprinkling teeny weeny droplets on me.

And I hope everyone has started having a wonderful weekend while am sitting here at work and slogging.

P.S. Forgot the two flattering posts from fellow bloggers that completely floored me. You can read it here and here. Thank you pals :o)


  1. "I AM BACK" ahh?
    cool....welcome bak!

    btw how is madras after rain!

    Get sambharred!!!
    Filtered by sambhar....

  2. @S2S
    Yeah am back and thanks :o)
    Chennai is super cool after the rains... Infact the very next day it turned bright a sunny and in most parts there was no trace of any knee level water.

    And for the last 2-3 days, it drizzles occasionally during the day which makes it really pleasant :o)

  3. Somu Kannu:

    I got so completely floored by your mentioning my post here that I tagged you:p ;-)

    //And I hope everyone has started having a wonderful weekend while am sitting here at work and slogging.

    And I thot let me make your weekend more colourful with a longgggggggg tag..

    Yen naa?

    naa appaditthaan;-)


    So cute when u whine!

    Smiles etc.,


  4. anything written due to that 5 minute walk??

  5. flattering posts aa....ahem ahem!! ;)

  6. @Limsa
    Am glad that floored ya ;o)))

    Oh yeah, I did look at the tag during the weekend... But somehow could not bring myself to make that post immdly...And so thought would do it today... but then doing it from work does not give it the necessary personal touch... And so am thinking of doing it tonight... and I hope I do not postpone it further...

    And for the whining part, all that I can say now is, "grrrrrrrrrrrr"

    Illa nothing was written. I was late to work and so was preoccupied with lot of other things :o)

    Bayangara flattering... You should read it to realize that :o)


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