SMS Scramble

Inspired by a true story, though the last part of it is pure imagination

He gets a call at 9.30 AM waking him up from sleep. “Dude, have you reached office? I need to know the water level inside Tidel”. He says, “Am still asleep. If you reach office do let me know how it is”.

In about 10 minutes, he sends the caller an sms that read, “I have reached office. There is no water in the Tidel entrance. But towards the parking lot, the level is quite high. However, it should not be a problem to drive through.”

At 9.50 AM he gets another call from the same guy,”Dei, how did you manage to reach so early? I thought you were sleeping”. “Dei pannadai, I forwarded someone else’s message. Now allow me to sleep”, and he continued zzing.