What does it have to do with age... Hmph !

Two isolated incidents that happened within a span of two weeks

1. Six of us met at GRT Grand Days (Coffee shop) for a friend’s birthday treat. During the course of the dinner, I passed a casual comment. “I love this place. Peaceful and serene. Just creates opportunities for people to converse. Quite a contrast to the noisy pubs and loud coffee days”. And two of them in synchrony retorted, “That’s where fun lovers hangout. That’s where party goers spend time. And that’s where young and energetic minds meet. Dude ! You are getting old”

2. I was at Tidel yesterday at around 11.00 PM when one of my colleagues asked, “So, how was Diwali” ? “It was normal. Saw Padayappa. Visited couple of my cousins. And then it was Vassol Raja MBBS. Home delivered Pizza for dinner and that’s about it.” “How about crackers?” , he asked again. “Nah ! Not much of enthu for it this time, I guess”. And so came the quick response, “Is it a sign of you getting old?”

Now the big question is… Am I getting old at heart ? Boohoo !!!

I should have probably told them what the Americans think of me.