Go-getter attitude

** Inspired by a true incident **

The other day he was raving about how much of a flirt he had been in his younger days, and how much he continues to be. Of course, we have seen his flirtatious skills with our own eyes. You can now imagine why he was given the middle name of “Casanova”.

Every time he says he is not coming out with us for the weekend, we know the reason behind it.

Two days back, he came out after just being appraised and was so happy to inform us of the feedback he received.
“Guys, I am told that I have a go-getter attitude”.

To this there was an amusing remark from his friend, which made even him laugh at that factual statement. “Dude, in a way your boss is right. You sure have a go-get-her attitude”.

P.S. For a change, the HE in this post is definitely not me. FYI.