Meet Treat

Another meet and another opportunity to be with the blogging fraternity. So, would I wanna miss out on that ? While I would have loved to walk across and meet up with everyone, I did manage to interact with most who had turned up. The meet by itself cannot be as interesting as everyone makes it sound if not for the interesting people who convene. And here’s a snippet of those interesting lot that I managed to meet (in no particular order).

Jaggy : His posts literally swear at his service provider. Knowing that am from the same organization, he was surprisingly nice to me.

Prabhu Karthik : When an elderly gentleman while leaving, told him, best wishes, god bless you, good luck… et al… he was kind enough to say, “Same to you” :o)

Swaminathan : A technical writer by profession… and I hope his blog is not an extension of his profession. He is back into blogging after the meet.

Jaideep : “My blog is about e-learning, not too many people read it, I write it for keeping track of technologies, you might not find it interesting” – He said them all in one go :o)

Muthu : We have met once in a training program way back in I don’t really remember. Was surprised that he could still place me. Good ‘ol ex-colleagues always have lots in common to talk about.

Satya Prabhakar : We had this small discussion on whether the top management can really find time for it’s employees. I was for it, and he had his views against it. Coming from someone up there, I had to buy his argument.

Sophie : Was in her usual chirpy self. Was more than willing every time I shamelessly asked her to take a picture of mine.

Kiruba : I was reminded of cricket matches, a word a day mails, and a truck load of enthusiasm when I saw him. He has promised to organize a cricket match between Sulekha and Sify ;o))) Please don't tell him that I have not paid for the coffee I had on Sunday.

Akshay : A harrypotter fan (who isn't, right?), a quiz freak, CAT aspirant, my junior in college, my colleague quite obviously at work and most important of them all, my dum pal.

Ravi : I have promised him a car two years from now… And he has promised me something that’s much more filling. He was one of the other good souls who called up just a while back showing deep concerns over my having gone down.

Balaji : Nanganallur party. Poor chap. Every time he said he was from Wipro, someone or the other asked him do you know her or him. Considering the company he had, I forgot to figure out if he reached home safe.

Viji : It might interest you to know that she effectively uses the “Thiruttu” 10 minute internet access that she gets at work to cook up wonderful poems. Very well-versed in Chennai Baashai. And the reason why her stay in chennai is getting extended was a major point of discussion.

Jammy : When I said I always envied his wife’s function that enabled her to interact with celebrities, he was quick to retort, “That’s how she bumped into me”. And I realized he does not work hard at humor.

Sheky : He is always in his reticent self when with people from the corporate world (read it as old men) like me, or that’s what he claims. Speak a lot with him and you would realize how sweet and interesting a chap he is. Always obsessed with my skills at puffing.

Sunil : Another colleague of mine. Had a real tough time trying to get his daughter’s attention. She did not even tell me her name. Girl’s ain’t my cup of tea, neither am I theirs. She would be around 5 years old by the way.

Vishnu : Kanni Samy. Hope he finds his first ever trip to Shabarimalai a good experience.

Jaleel : Joined us in the conversation a little late and was quick to leave for the day. The next time around we need to spend a lil while talking :o)

Ramesh : I remembered him from good ‘ol maverick days… And am seeing him after a long time. While I could place him with ease, he did the same with me too :o))

Hari : Again, did not get much time to interact with him. This is the second time I am meeting him and am sure there would be a third time to catch up with stuffs.

And the most important guy I was randomly chosen to meet was from Indian Express. Am sure he would have been taken aback by my major peters of India. He has his say on what I had to say here.

If I did leave out anyone that’s purely out of senility and is not in anyway done intentionally.