Mailer Demon

Last Saturday our class at the college campus was postponed due to heavy rains. And so, we received a mail with the subject, “Business Ethics – Class cancelled”. And so we promptly booked tickets for Sivakasi.

The postponed class was scheduled for yesterday. And again, we received a mail early in the morning with the subject,”Business Ethics – Class cancelled”. Few of us were so excited that we wanted to recreate the movie magic of Saturday night. So, we planned Maja yesterday evening.

At around 4.00 PM I got a call from my colleague,”When are you leaving for the class?”. I said,”Machi, read your mails and let me know when we can leave for Mayajaal”. All that he had to say was,”I suggest you read your mails”, and promptly hung up the phone.

Only then did we go back to the mail to read it’s contents. ”Dear participants, Just to remind you that there will be class today at 5.30 PM as scheduled”.

When people respond to old messages, can’t they not change the subject accordingly? At least we wouldn’t have had to suffer from short term elation.