Hell aka Heaven

Ever since I bought a vehicle for myself, I have been going home for lunch. Sambhar/Rasam saadham, Thaiyir saadham and a grand finale of dairy milk is a regular affair for over a month now. 15 mins of ananthasainam after all the food does give one a heavenly feeling, right ?

Despite all this, there is something that tries nullifying the effect of the heavenly feeling – something that I loathe and completely despise. This hatred was developed over a period of time watching things similar to it especially during the evenings. And startlingly this karumam pudicha Mega Serial’s title literally means Heaven. Yeah, am talking about SORGAM here :o((((

Luckily, in the battle between heavenly feeling and the effect of HEAVEN, am glad the former overpowers the outcome of the latter. Which is why I still keep going home for lunch.

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