Feel liberated,
and break all barriers.

Take charge,
and be on top of this world.

Shelve your worries,
and pamper yourself with all you desire.

Dream your dreams,
and chase them to its fulfillment.

Embrace happiness,
and have a joyous celebration.

Feel special,
and special you are to all of us.

For, in every sense and every way,
Year-end pressures, escalations, backlogs and lotsa other things are eating into my time of late. Amidst all the chaos, I was given a task that I love doing – Write a motivating caption for the team circling around knowledge acquisition and make a poster out of it. After lot of discussions with the concerned, what you see here was the one that was finally approved.

Besides work, plan for the New year’s eve is going on in full swing. While we have our official party in Mayajaal tomorrow, we still haven’t planned on what we wanna do the next day. Just like everyone else, am hoping to start the year with a bang too.

Before I finish, here’s a New Year trivia.

How does a Chemistry professor wish everyone?

Wish you a Happy and Phosperous New Year.
What was once a child's glee,
is now a parent's wail.
What was once a tourist spot,
is now a terror site.
What was once a thatched home,
is now barren space.
What were once peaceful waves,
are now horrific tsunamis.
What was once a soul with life,
is now a body dead.
What was once a lovely beach,
is now a burial ground.

You may have washed away lives,
of our near and dear,
our kith and kin,
you may have swept away our
homes and belonging.
But our hope is not dampened,
our determination not drenched,
our strength of mind not soaked,
we have pulled on,and survived.

Remember, you could only rise high to demolish storeys,
but not high enough to hit the stars,

Written on 30th Dec, 2004
Pic courtesy
No racy tracks, no lousy dapaankuthus, no power packed lyrics, no solo Shankar Mahadeven intro, and no anything that Vijay is associated with. Surprising.

I don’t pen down reviews, for I feel that it ain’t my cup of tea. But was prompted to write this as there was an element that I have always been crazy about – VIJAY. Not meeting up with expectations normally lead to disappointments, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the usual Vijay ingredients missing in Aathi songs. While I would not debate the fact that he has given super hit songs, I personally feel that they do not appeal to all sections of the society. Would Aathi paint a different picture is to be waited and watched.

The prelude in "Olli Olli Udambae" sounds more like the one in "Ale ale" (boys), Karthik's voice reinforces it, and the words "Ale ale" in-between the song confirms it. Anuradha's voice that seemed irritating initially caught on me finally. A definitely inspired duet and a nice one to listen to.

"Lealakku Lealakku Leala" is an out and out folk song with the inclusion of english lyrics adding spice to it. I had an instant liking to this song sung by Kay Kay (Wow ! Wonderful diction for someone who does not speak Tamil) and Sujatha. Packed with subtle philosophies the song seems more situational than intentional.

"Thadakku Thadakku" is currently the song running on loop on my PC. A definite foot tapper where the pace of the beat (not a fast one though) is consistently maintained throughout the song. Sung by Hariharen and Sujatha

The voice that best fits melody is sadly the one that's least utilized these days."Athi Athikka" takes one back to good old days of SPB. I personally feel Sadhana Sargam is only adding blemish to the perfect rendering of the song by her male counterpart. Surprised to see a slow track in a Vijay album. My favourite among the lot.

I have nothing to talk about "Yeai Durra" sung by Tippu and Syndhavi. Just a cliched romantic dapaankuthu.

I sincerely feel this is a genuine attempt on Vijay's part to break free from his stereotyped portrayal on screen. Or at least that's how it seems for the time being. If his fans have been expecting a "Appadi podu" or a "Kodambakkam area", they are in for a big disappointment. Personally I like four of the five songs which is good for any album (that's my standard). Vidyasagar needs to be given all the credit.
The secret communion finally took place after several days of precision planning. Having members from diverse fields was unintentional, but that’s how it turned out when the famous five had their rendezvous. The man who calls himself “Who am I”, the economist, the cricketer and the graphics designer had already finished their coffee, when the protagonist made his entry. He always likes to make an entry.

When “Who am I” left the conclave citing reasons, the cricketer took the lead. His craving for sundal and mulagai bajji are unparalleled. And so the five, who were now reduced to four, followed suit and had their share of everything possible in the sands of the expansive beach. Rain may try to play spoil sport, but it can never dampen the spirits of four young and charming men, right? The meeting took it’s own turn and conversations on movies, Ilayaraja, marriage, cricket, higher studies could have been overheard had there been a bystander.

The sun had already descended down the faraway horizon and the rains didn’t seem like bidding farewell. And so the four moved in to the protagonist’s knight rider to take shelter and to carry on with their conversations. With hunger striking, they finally decided to taste Punjabi delicacies before they parted their own ways. The only agenda was to have a good time, and it sure did turn out to be 4 hours of matchless fun.

And so ended the story of the famous five (Naanyaar, Prabhu Karthik, Vatsan, Bharath, and Somu) who had a small yet a very memorable bloggers meet.
When I had to take an exam yesterday where I had to answer questions that were purely theoretical for 2 long hours, I felt a little weird. Having finished my paper much before the stipulated 2 hours, I spent the rest of the time in the hall wondering how different an experience writing is when it comes to blogging and taking an exam.

Here (read it as blogging) it’s a mere 15-minute affair. I sit down, decide what to write, and then write. There (Read it as an examination), it’s an over night affair. I first decide what to read and what not to, and then sit down to write.

Here I write what I want to write. There I write what I am required to write.

Here, I have a self-imposed word restriction. There, I always believe the marks are proportional to the length of the answer.

Here, originality is a principle for me. I never plagiarize. There, copying is an accepted act, though getting caught is never recommended.

Here, writing is more of a natural process. There, I need to attend classes for the same.

Here, when am stuck I call it the writer’s block. There, I call it out of syllabus or lack of preparation.

There are more such differences, but thought they were not significant enough. Can you think of anything more? :o)
Started our team meeting today with recitation of this poem which was later circulated to all teams on mail.

I’ve faked a marriage that’s in news,
I have made four proposals, with no use,
now, am even completing my third dare,
but, about my gift you don’t seem to care.

Boring and dull, the dares you devise,
try being creative, and that would be nice.
As long as you are good, and not hostile,

I would do the dare in my own style.

Every child is so happy and gay,
with gifts they receive day on day.
Gift me a gift, stingy Chris mom,
before I plant, in your desk, a hydrogen bomb.

I ain’t sure if you are he or she,
in this wonderful X-mas game,
but I know, people with unknown genders,
have a totally different name.
Having left with no options to fake a real marriage, I decided to fake a marriage that never happened... And so, here's how I got married in style (A Mail that was forwarded to just about every team that's playing the game)

Breaking News - Special news report

In a shocking turn of event that broke the heart of millions of fans across the nation, malabar mermaid entered into nuptial bond yesterday in Thiruneermalai. Reports say that a secret affair that had bloomed and blossomed in the life of this upcoming actress finally ended in marriage. Whether it would end her career in movies is still a big question.

The identity of the groom is still a well-kept secret. However, inside information reveals that she first met him during her visit to his workplace. He (An IT Professional) , it is believed, was one among the crazy fans who thronged her as she was answering queries to other fans on chat. What led to this fast paced marriage was an interesting piece of information that our special correspondent managed to unearth.

A weird dare that was entrusted to the still unknown groom as part of an X-mas game is said to be the reason behind this wedding ceremony. He wanted to complete the dare, and she wanted to ensure that he does not fail in his mission. May we wish the bride and the groom a happy wedded life.

Note from the mail sender: Certain information has to be well guarded for reasons of security. At least now that it is all in news, my Chris mom should know that I have completed my task, and that is to “find a girl and get married”. I am still awaiting the gift – FYI.

P.S: My dare for tomorrow is probably the easiest one can ever give me. And that is to write a poem about my Chris-Mom and recite it during our team meeting. Now that's one dare my CM is gonna repent having given me.
I need to get married. Not that I am desperate, but I am under certain pressure at work to complete this task. Considering the fact that finding a girl by itself is a mammoth effort, I need to get into the nuptial bond ASAP… and that is by today. And even if I find a girl, I need to print the invites, book a hall, invite all my friends, get permission from folks at home and there is lots more.

And one day is too short a time.

Before you jump into any conclusion, here’s the background. We are playing Chris Ma-Chris Child at work and my dare for the day is to “Find a girl and get married” – One heck of a dare that’s gonna deny me my right to earn a gift.

I was reminded yesterday of an incident that happened in my friend’s life 5 years back.

He was climbing the stairs when there was this girl who passed him in the opposite direction.

HE : Hey, Today is my Birthday.
SHE : ** Turns back and says ** “Oh!” ** and walks off like she heard nothing **

Till date, it happens to be the most laughed at situation and we still tease him for being so shameless about advertising his Birthday. I feel just the same about my post yesterday.

Nevertheless, I had a wonderful day and I thank each and every one of you for having sent their wishes either through an sms, or a call or a comment or a blog post. While I did manage to send a personal note to whoever I can, I take this moment to let you know that I really appreciate your being party to making my day. THANKS A LOT :o)
I don’t remember since when, but seems like I have been crazy over Rajinikanth ever since. Be it his hair ruffling style, or his flicks with the cigarette, or his “ithu yeppadi irukku”, or even his mere appearance on screen, my tongue automatically rolls for my fingers to let out the loudest possible shrill.

I have never missed a movie of his, I have his entire collection of audio cassettes (CDs of late), and I simply go bonkers over this most charismatic actor of South India who had a very humble beginning in life.

While the reasons above are only secondary, there is one prime reason why I love this guy.

I share my Birthday with him
129600 seconds of selfless struggle.
2160 minutes of mammoth effort.
36 hours of unparalleled proficiency.
1 1/2 days of diligent display.

Well, for someone who enjoys sleeping, staying awake for such long hours battling a professional problem can only lead to such unthinkable exaggerations. After being in conscious state for an extended period, I was only glad to finally go crashing yesterday night. And to compensate for the lost siesta, I managed to sleep for close to half the number of hours of being wakeful. For now, just waiting for time to crawl so that I can start enjoying my weekend.
F below expands to Friend

Me: Did you check out my latest post?
F1 : Do you have anything better to talk about?
Me: I mean, I think it is a nice one.
F2 : And who says so?
Me: But then, did you read it in the first place?
F3 : Really not in my priority list.
Me: Did YOU (@ F4) at least read it?
F4 : I did dude. I think it was a good one.
Me: Guys, that’s what am trying to say.
F5 : Machan, this guy is so jobless.

This happens because none except one (F4) from my circle of friends is into blogging. While I do ensure they read my blog, there exists no common ground amongst us in terms of blogging as a hobby by itself. Today, am glad one more joins this bandwagon.

Kannan (Cannon as he is lovingly called) is a movie buff, an ardent Kamal fan, and a hater of my-kinda-movies (The Vijay types). He wins just about every movie argument we have and can literally go on and on about movies during our lunch, break and out of office conversations. Click here to check him out.

P.S. This poem found a translator in Vignesh and his tamil version landed up in Thinamalar publication. Ain’t that cool?
Authored by Akshay Natarajan.
Date : Dec 3, 2005

Stormy, cloudy and rainy is how I would have described yesterday. Bright and sunny is how it was today. All in all, a good day to go to work innit? One would think so… After an uneventful journey to Somu’s place, both of us set out on the same water logged path that flooded the roads yesterday. Quite surprisingly the roads had cleared for Somu’s raging red Corsa to zip through. We were coasting along! Until we reached the entrance to tidel park that is..

We were joined by three other colleagues who car-‘pool’ed at the entrance (ofcourse by car pool I meant a bunch of guys jumping into the back seat). What lay ahead was a sea of water. There were waves too (reverse osmosis probably). Knee-deep water, a stalled car, a floating bike and some frustrated guards were among some of the obstacles that were between us and the building.

After a slightly turbulent but successful voyage, we made it thro’ to the makeshift car park at film city (the outskirts of the tidel building). Here, fortunately the water levels were restricted to 4-5 inches. The journey ahead was to be completed on foot (and I mean literally foot. ‘Cause nobody in their right mind would subject their footwear to this). We sported a new look (which is now catching on at Tidel) - rolled up pants, laptop slung over the shoulder, shoes in one hand and phones out in the other hand to take snaps. With all that baggage we waded thro’ the water and finally made it to the main car park (which was immaculately dry btw).

There were some unfortunate souls who had attempted to drive through the full way and were in the process of bailing out water with tea cups borrowed from the kitchen. Good luck to them! They’re prolly still at it. The journey culminates in us reaching our respective desks trying to figure out how we’re gonna blog this. What resulted.. is what you’re reading…
Mail responses get delayed.

Work keeps piling up.

Technologies remain unexplored.

Coffee time with friends is missed.

Project submissions remain pending.

Time spent with the team is minimal.

Am going late for meetings.

And so, I have decided.

No more blogging / blog hopping from work.

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