Famous Five

The secret communion finally took place after several days of precision planning. Having members from diverse fields was unintentional, but that’s how it turned out when the famous five had their rendezvous. The man who calls himself “Who am I”, the economist, the cricketer and the graphics designer had already finished their coffee, when the protagonist made his entry. He always likes to make an entry.

When “Who am I” left the conclave citing reasons, the cricketer took the lead. His craving for sundal and mulagai bajji are unparalleled. And so the five, who were now reduced to four, followed suit and had their share of everything possible in the sands of the expansive beach. Rain may try to play spoil sport, but it can never dampen the spirits of four young and charming men, right? The meeting took it’s own turn and conversations on movies, Ilayaraja, marriage, cricket, higher studies could have been overheard had there been a bystander.

The sun had already descended down the faraway horizon and the rains didn’t seem like bidding farewell. And so the four moved in to the protagonist’s knight rider to take shelter and to carry on with their conversations. With hunger striking, they finally decided to taste Punjabi delicacies before they parted their own ways. The only agenda was to have a good time, and it sure did turn out to be 4 hours of matchless fun.

And so ended the story of the famous five (Naanyaar, Prabhu Karthik, Vatsan, Bharath, and Somu) who had a small yet a very memorable bloggers meet.