And this is how I got married...

Having left with no options to fake a real marriage, I decided to fake a marriage that never happened... And so, here's how I got married in style (A Mail that was forwarded to just about every team that's playing the game)

Breaking News - Special news report

In a shocking turn of event that broke the heart of millions of fans across the nation, malabar mermaid entered into nuptial bond yesterday in Thiruneermalai. Reports say that a secret affair that had bloomed and blossomed in the life of this upcoming actress finally ended in marriage. Whether it would end her career in movies is still a big question.

The identity of the groom is still a well-kept secret. However, inside information reveals that she first met him during her visit to his workplace. He (An IT Professional) , it is believed, was one among the crazy fans who thronged her as she was answering queries to other fans on chat. What led to this fast paced marriage was an interesting piece of information that our special correspondent managed to unearth.

A weird dare that was entrusted to the still unknown groom as part of an X-mas game is said to be the reason behind this wedding ceremony. He wanted to complete the dare, and she wanted to ensure that he does not fail in his mission. May we wish the bride and the groom a happy wedded life.

Note from the mail sender: Certain information has to be well guarded for reasons of security. At least now that it is all in news, my Chris mom should know that I have completed my task, and that is to “find a girl and get married”. I am still awaiting the gift – FYI.

P.S: My dare for tomorrow is probably the easiest one can ever give me. And that is to write a poem about my Chris-Mom and recite it during our team meeting. Now that's one dare my CM is gonna repent having given me.