No racy tracks, no lousy dapaankuthus, no power packed lyrics, no solo Shankar Mahadeven intro, and no anything that Vijay is associated with. Surprising.

I don’t pen down reviews, for I feel that it ain’t my cup of tea. But was prompted to write this as there was an element that I have always been crazy about – VIJAY. Not meeting up with expectations normally lead to disappointments, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the usual Vijay ingredients missing in Aathi songs. While I would not debate the fact that he has given super hit songs, I personally feel that they do not appeal to all sections of the society. Would Aathi paint a different picture is to be waited and watched.

The prelude in "Olli Olli Udambae" sounds more like the one in "Ale ale" (boys), Karthik's voice reinforces it, and the words "Ale ale" in-between the song confirms it. Anuradha's voice that seemed irritating initially caught on me finally. A definitely inspired duet and a nice one to listen to.

"Lealakku Lealakku Leala" is an out and out folk song with the inclusion of english lyrics adding spice to it. I had an instant liking to this song sung by Kay Kay (Wow ! Wonderful diction for someone who does not speak Tamil) and Sujatha. Packed with subtle philosophies the song seems more situational than intentional.

"Thadakku Thadakku" is currently the song running on loop on my PC. A definite foot tapper where the pace of the beat (not a fast one though) is consistently maintained throughout the song. Sung by Hariharen and Sujatha

The voice that best fits melody is sadly the one that's least utilized these days."Athi Athikka" takes one back to good old days of SPB. I personally feel Sadhana Sargam is only adding blemish to the perfect rendering of the song by her male counterpart. Surprised to see a slow track in a Vijay album. My favourite among the lot.

I have nothing to talk about "Yeai Durra" sung by Tippu and Syndhavi. Just a cliched romantic dapaankuthu.

I sincerely feel this is a genuine attempt on Vijay's part to break free from his stereotyped portrayal on screen. Or at least that's how it seems for the time being. If his fans have been expecting a "Appadi podu" or a "Kodambakkam area", they are in for a big disappointment. Personally I like four of the five songs which is good for any album (that's my standard). Vidyasagar needs to be given all the credit.