“TIDAL” Park – “I.T” is under water

Authored by Akshay Natarajan.
Date : Dec 3, 2005

Stormy, cloudy and rainy is how I would have described yesterday. Bright and sunny is how it was today. All in all, a good day to go to work innit? One would think so… After an uneventful journey to Somu’s place, both of us set out on the same water logged path that flooded the roads yesterday. Quite surprisingly the roads had cleared for Somu’s raging red Corsa to zip through. We were coasting along! Until we reached the entrance to tidel park that is..

We were joined by three other colleagues who car-‘pool’ed at the entrance (ofcourse by car pool I meant a bunch of guys jumping into the back seat). What lay ahead was a sea of water. There were waves too (reverse osmosis probably). Knee-deep water, a stalled car, a floating bike and some frustrated guards were among some of the obstacles that were between us and the building.

After a slightly turbulent but successful voyage, we made it thro’ to the makeshift car park at film city (the outskirts of the tidel building). Here, fortunately the water levels were restricted to 4-5 inches. The journey ahead was to be completed on foot (and I mean literally foot. ‘Cause nobody in their right mind would subject their footwear to this). We sported a new look (which is now catching on at Tidel) - rolled up pants, laptop slung over the shoulder, shoes in one hand and phones out in the other hand to take snaps. With all that baggage we waded thro’ the water and finally made it to the main car park (which was immaculately dry btw).

There were some unfortunate souls who had attempted to drive through the full way and were in the process of bailing out water with tea cups borrowed from the kitchen. Good luck to them! They’re prolly still at it. The journey culminates in us reaching our respective desks trying to figure out how we’re gonna blog this. What resulted.. is what you’re reading…