Blogger Friend... Err... Friend Blogger

F below expands to Friend

Me: Did you check out my latest post?
F1 : Do you have anything better to talk about?
Me: I mean, I think it is a nice one.
F2 : And who says so?
Me: But then, did you read it in the first place?
F3 : Really not in my priority list.
Me: Did YOU (@ F4) at least read it?
F4 : I did dude. I think it was a good one.
Me: Guys, that’s what am trying to say.
F5 : Machan, this guy is so jobless.

This happens because none except one (F4) from my circle of friends is into blogging. While I do ensure they read my blog, there exists no common ground amongst us in terms of blogging as a hobby by itself. Today, am glad one more joins this bandwagon.

Kannan (Cannon as he is lovingly called) is a movie buff, an ardent Kamal fan, and a hater of my-kinda-movies (The Vijay types). He wins just about every movie argument we have and can literally go on and on about movies during our lunch, break and out of office conversations. Click here to check him out.

P.S. This poem found a translator in Vignesh and his tamil version landed up in Thinamalar publication. Ain’t that cool?