To my Chris Mom

Started our team meeting today with recitation of this poem which was later circulated to all teams on mail.

I’ve faked a marriage that’s in news,
I have made four proposals, with no use,
now, am even completing my third dare,
but, about my gift you don’t seem to care.

Boring and dull, the dares you devise,
try being creative, and that would be nice.
As long as you are good, and not hostile,

I would do the dare in my own style.

Every child is so happy and gay,
with gifts they receive day on day.
Gift me a gift, stingy Chris mom,
before I plant, in your desk, a hydrogen bomb.

I ain’t sure if you are he or she,
in this wonderful X-mas game,
but I know, people with unknown genders,
have a totally different name.