And so, I have decided...

Mail responses get delayed.

Work keeps piling up.

Technologies remain unexplored.

Coffee time with friends is missed.

Project submissions remain pending.

Time spent with the team is minimal.

Am going late for meetings.

And so, I have decided.

No more blogging / blog hopping from work.

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  1. hahaha, so u feel blogging is the reason for all these? :)

    i wud say rather, if u enjoy the work as much as you enjoy blogging both would go on smoothly

    as of now Happy Working dude :)

  2. Hey, come on. You cant give up something so easily. Good things never come easy. Atleast I get something to read daily here.. I just put u on my blogroll...

  3. nalla joke,

    nadakara karaiyama sollu,

  4. Just do what you wish...But I look for you either..

  5. Somu,

    Yesterday only i came to your blog for the first time and really amazed with some interesting stuff. But ennoda raasi works out well...

    I wont suggest you to continue blogging with so much of (inbamana) avaisathigal. To be honest, not everyone have this wonderful art of writing which impresses everyone. But u have it ... sooo Keep blogging .....

  6. Kannu,

    Work-Blog balancing pannaratta vittutu ippadi O or 1 state aa nu sollara!

    GOod u can minimise blogging frm work on busy days..but on vetti days do it!

    Smiles etc.,


  7. I agree with your feelings - blogging from work is dangerous to one's mental health - particularly when work suffers!

  8. Hahahaha,welcome to the gang somu,I dont blog or bloghop from work:)

  9. well Somu... as long as u dont compromise on ur posts... the frequency n stuff... u can do it at nite...

    But as managers say 'Plan accordingly'... U too can do that... ;)

  10. It is precisely at these times that you can catch some respite by blog hopping :)) That's what I do ;)

  11. @Subra
    If that's not the case, I wudn't be writing such a thing... And I never said I don't enjoy working ;o)))

    I read your comment on my poem too... THanks a million :o)
    And when I say no more blogging from work, I did not mean I am not gonna blog from home. U thought I am gonna be in office 24x7x365 ? :o)

    Nadakkum machi Nadakkum. Manam Irunthaal Maargabanthu !

    I am gonna be writing every day ! :o))

    Thanks for your kind words... and I shall do my best not to disappoint ya... Your raasi is just perfect buddy. Not to worry !

    Sorry ma ! balancing is so difficult... I have been trying to do it for quite some time... And true... on vetti days, it's perfectly fine, like today :o)))

    Somu U

    Thanks... Definitely work is suffering to some extent...

    Looks like we are part of lotsa gang... First it was the "I-like-sleeping-early-morning" gang, and now this :o)))

    Ofcourse I don't intend doing that ! With all else remaining the same, blogging stops from work ! Thanks the matter :o)

    Lol ! Am sure it's a nice time to catch up with stuffs... With me, it was becoming a routine... That's why :o)

  12. i wish i can do that someday. All the best for your new resolution

  13. ejactly....naanum free time la thaan blog means work only! :D

  14. ithellam vendatha resolution... like a new year resolution :-)... but like for any new year resolution, good luck :-)

  15. See.. you missed dec 3... No post that day..! Disappointment indeed. Enna madiri releif work panreengala?

  16. somu...something important is there this ...

  17. Hey Kannu,

    Tht's k:D..weekendla regular aaydu!:-)

    Inniki sundaydhaane..weekendlayum posts kaanum?:(

    So btw wht did ya do for this weekend?
    I did nothing much but munch a bag of popcorn , wrap myself in tons of warm clothings to beat UK's stupid cold and watched TWO AND HALF MEN! :D :-))

    Smiles etc.,


  18. Somu,

    Make a visit to my blog: என்னுள்ளே என்னைத்தேடி

    You have a little surprise there ...

    P.S : Defintely no marketing strategy in this ;-)

    -- Vignesh

  19. Hi Somu,
    Tamil Version of Your poem for World Aids day translated by Vignesh has been published in today's Dinamalar. Check it out (On page 2, Chennai Edition). Eventhough UR name has been attributed to as the original source, UR URL is not mentioned. Only Vignesh's is mentioned. Anyways, this itself is a great recognition for ur poetic skills. I want U to carry this further. Hope u will reconsider the "idea" to quit Blogging.

  20. @Balaji
    Good luck and thanks :o)

    See, now am able to draw inspiration from you :o)))

    Thanks... The outcome is yet to be realized :o)

    Thanks for your persistence ! The dec 3 post is up... But i cudn;t post it on the same day due to no internet access... Blame it on the rains :o)

    Ahem Ahem !

    Was stuck in office during the first half of sat ! Like a fool came to office just to find the entire premises flooded (U can read about it in my last post)... During the second half, went and met my newly married friend... and later in the enening went out for a movie with the couple (Flight plan was the movie)... By the time i came home, it was around 1.00 AM.

    So most of Sunday was spent sleeping... Towards evening went for a long long drive... And then saw my first ever Harry Potter (Sorcerer's stone) on DVD ! I should accept that I was really impressed, didn;t realize the 2.5 hrs whisking past ! Now, planning to watch the other series too.

    And about no post on weekend, u already know the reason :o)

    Somu K.

    Wow ! Thats wonderful news... Mon morning blues have been chased away ! Congrats buddy :o)

    Thanks for the call... I just went through the post ! Sure feels good... And thanks again for ur kind words ! And as I said, I am not looking at quitting blogging, its about just quitting from office :o)))

  21. Are you able to keep up your vow???


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